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United States Department of Agriculture

Deputy Administrator

Natural Resources and Sustainable Agricultural Systems


The USDA, Agricultural Research Service, Office of National Programs (ONP) is seeking a Deputy Administrator, Natural Resources and Sustainable Agricultural Systems (NRSAS). The candidate will serve as the principal Office of National Program lead in planning and managing ARS’ National Research Programs related to natural resources and sustainable agricultural systems. The Deputy Administrator, NRSAS, is accountable to the Associate Administrator, National Programs for planning, setting priorities, allocating resources, and evaluating research programs.


The Deputy Administrator, NRSAS, is responsible for and provides overall leadership and direction to the natural resources and sustainable agricultural systems group in: national planning and coordination; determination of program content; establishment of research priorities; program implementation; program review and evaluation; international activities; and provide staff support to the Administrator.


The Office of National Programs (ONP) provides national scientific and technical leadership for program planning, coordination, review, and evaluation for ARS research programs. ONP activities ensure the proper interaction, balance, and distribution of research within ARS by providing primary leadership for the National Programs. The National Program Staff operates as a single staff headed by the Associate Administrator, National Programs, and is subdivided into four major program areas, each led by a Deputy Administrator. The program areas are Nutrition, Food Safety and Quality; Natural Resources and Sustainable Agricultural Systems; Animal Production and Protection; and Crop Production and Protection. The Deputy Administrators serve as a part of the ONP leadership team and help to develop the vision for the Agency’s research portfolio.


  1. must be U.S. Citizens. Application must address specific education and experience requirements. Salary range is $165,716 to $176,359 per year. For a copy of the vacancy go to and search for job announcement number AG-03-2017-0040. Applications can be submitted on-line; send via postal mail to the Agency contact post marked prior to the closing date of October 30, 2017. The Agency contact is Britnie Tucker and can be reached on 202-260-8315 or e-mail The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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60 Days
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US Department of Agriculture
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Britnie Tucker
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