Entomologist / Chemical Ecologist

Apex Bait Technologies, Inc. is a small and unique research-based product development company exclusively focusing on insect bait development. It is located in the heart of Silicon Valley where life is wonderful but living expenses are high. It has been established as the world’s premium bait technology developer with technologies licensed to some of the largest agrochemical companies in the world.

We are now looking for 2 highly motivated scientists with entrepreneurial spirits to join our team:

  1. Entomologist: Ph.D. degree with research experience on insect behavior.
  2. Chemical Ecologist: Ph.D. degree with research experience on chemical ecology.


Qualifications:  Degrees in entomology, organic chemistry or other biological sciences. Education and/or research experience in insect behavior, chemical ecology, food sciences, microbiology, or organic chemistry a plus. Excellent writing skills. A track record of grant writing, report preparation and patenting are highly desirable. Must enjoy creative and hard work, like to work independently and carry projects from beginning to end. Attention to detail, accuracy, personal drive, and ability to work independently.  Research experience on flies and mosquitoes desirable.

Compensations: Competitive salary; medical and dental insurance; performance-based year-end bonus. 

You will be working with a small group of passionate colleagues in a growing and dynamic company therefore the multitasking ability is a must. Please apply if you want to make a career in insect bait development and enjoy research and are willing to grow with the company. If interested, please send me your CV and contact information.

Job Type: 
Job Listing Expiration: 
60 Days
Company Name: 
Apex Bait Technologies, Inc.
Name of Contact Person: 
Dangsheng Liang
Contact Person's Phone: 
Santa Clara
United States
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PDF icon 2021 Apex Job Openings PhD.pdf
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