Entomologist for Production Insectary

ARBICO Organics is seeking for immediate hire an Entomologist to oversee various parts of production at our Catalina, AZ insectary. The candidate will be involved with insect rearing and production at all stages for various species of fly parasites.

Candidate must be a motivated, multi-talented, professional team player interested in working with a team that is passionate about our mission.

Must be authorized to work in the United States.

Job Type: This is a full time position (40 hrs. per week) that includes health and retirement benefits. Position is available immediately.

Education Level:  Bachelors +

Salary: Salary is dependent upon experience and education, starting at $38-40,000 per year.

Job Requirements:

  1. Knowledge of identification of insects.
  2. Ability to understand insect sex and parasitism ratios.
  3. Willingness to work in insectary with daily insect production.
  4. Team player.
  5. Quality control procedures to be followed and improved.
  6. Knowledge of production pests including mites and mold.
  7. Quick learner.
  8. High work ethic.
  9. Willingness to participate in occasional work in the field primarily in Arizona.
  10. Ability to multi-task.
  11. Maintenance of records and good organizational skills.
  12. High level of research ability and computer skills (spreadsheets, insect information, etc.)
  13. Excellent communicator.
  14. Creative thinker with good ideas.
  15. Appreciation of the environment and why we work so hard.
  16. Healthy with ability to lift up to 40 lbs.
  17. No fear of getting dirty.
  18. Positive attitude and vision.
  19. Interested in growing new insects.
  20. Loves bugs!


Candidate must be able to demonstrate ability to write proficiently with excellent understanding of syntax, grammar, etc.

Arbico Organics is a 35-year old company located outside of Tucson, Arizona. We provide over 2,500 natural products for homes, gardens, farms, livestock and pets. Our environmentally friendly product offering includes fertilizers and amendments, composting supplies, pest insect traps, insecticides, weed and plant disease controls, critter abatement, garden tools, seeds and more. In addition, we produce beneficial insects for biological control of pests.

Arbico Organics Mission

“To work with the global community,

Providing environmental alternatives

That re-awaken the human spirit

And bring the world into harmony.”



Job Type: 
Job Listing Expiration: 
60 Days
Company Name: 
ARBICO Organics
Name of Contact Person: 
Aurora Ledesma
United States
Contact Person's Email: