Entomology 2011 Student Debate Results

Entomology 2011 in Reno, Nevada featured three student debate topics. In addition, a new award was given to the Overall Best Student Debate Team. The winners of each topic are listed below.

Topic 1 - The land grant mission of entomology departments remains economically relevant in the U.S. today

Winning Team: U.C. Davis (Matan Shelomi, Andrew Merwin, Jenny Carlson, Mohammad-Amir Aghaee)

Topic 2 - Organic agriculture will solve projected food and water limitations of the American society

Winning Team: University of Arkansas (Ace Lynn Miller, Kevin Durden, Jessica Hartshorn, Amber Tripodi, Bryan Petty)

Topic 3 - Traditional breeding programs for host plant resistance to insects are more productive and effective than transgenic programs

Winning Team: N.C. State (Diane Silcox, Kelly Oten, Jessica Houce, Alana Jacobson)

Overall Best Student Debate Team Award

Winning Team: University of Georgia (Stephanie Weldon, Ishakh Pulakkatu Thodi, Joe Ballenger, Gretchen Perkins)

U.C. Davis Student Debate Team

University of Arkansas Student Debate Team

N.C. State Student Debate Team

University of Georgia Student Debate Team

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