Entomology Postdoctoral Research Associate (Moore Lab - UGA)

Education and Experience.

  • A PhD in Developmental Biology, Cell Biology, Entomology or related field. Experience with insect reproduction, developmental biology, microscopy are all highly preferable.


  • To plan and carry out research, in collaboration with the PIs, on the effect of knockdown of Dnmt1 on gametogenesis in whiteflies and milkweed bugs. Includes experimental bioassays, RNA interference of gene expression, immunocytochemical analysis of ovarian and testis structure, data analysis.
  • To attend and contribute to all project and related research group meetings, and to collaborate with researchers in related projects.
  • To prepare manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals.
  • To present data at national and international meetings.
  • To coordinate and integrate research lab projects with other lab personnel and assist with training of other research personnel, including graduate and undergraduate students.
  • To participate in the academic activities of the Department of Entomology, as applicable.
Job Type: 
Job Listing Expiration: 
60 Days
Company Name: 
University of Georgia
Name of Contact Person: 
Patricia Moore
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United States
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