Entomology 2012 Blog and Video Round-up

A number of Entomology 2012 attendees are bloggers or video podcast makers who made reports about their experiences in Knoxville during ESA's 60th Annual Meeting. Some examples are below:

- "Entomology in Just One Word," by The Bug Chicks. In this video, 75 entomologists who attended Entomology 2012 were asked to describe the science of entomology in just one word.

- "Entomology in Knoxville: Human Health," by Mike Merchant, an entomology specialist for Texas AgriLife Extension. Dr. Merchant writes about the meeting, delusory parasitosis, and urban entomology.

- "Entomology in Knoxville: Bed bugs, Ants and Others," another post by Mike Merchant, an entomology specialist for Texas AgriLife Extension.

- "Breaking Bio Episode 10: ESA Clip Show," a series of video clips shot at Entomology 2012 featuring interviews of attendees by Canadian entomologists Morgan Jackson and Crystal Ernst.

- "A Canadian Entomologist in Knoxville: Report on the ESA meeting in Knoxville, TN," a blog post by Staffan Lindgren, Vice President of the Entomological Society of Canada.

- "A Meeting of (Ento)Minds," a blog post by The Bug Chicks about the meeting and about entomologists using Twitter and other forms of social media.

- "Conferences are expensive and time-consuming," a blog post by Terry Wheeler which, despite the title, describes why he feels that "attending conferences in person is essential to my mental well-being as a scientist."

- "People, Bugs, and Sunspheres" by Jamin Dreyer, University of Wisconsin, a blog post that captured the atmosphere of the meeting and of Knoxille itself.

- "Gratton Lab “'flies' down to ESA," a blog post (with photos) from University of Wisconsin entomologists on their 12-hour drive to Knoxville and the research they presented.

- "Great Smoky Mountains National Park," a blog post with excellent photos by Ted Macrae about the park, which was one of the excursions at Entomology 2012.

- "Bug Talk: Entomology 2012 Wrap-Up" by Metro Pulse, a local Knoxville blog.

- "Strategies to control crazy ants taking shape for UF/IFAS researchers," an article about research presented at the meeting by University of Florida entomologists.

- "Bug Geeks swarm the center," a blog post by the Knoxville Convention Center.

- "Invasive ants drive homeowners crazy and concern ag," an article in The Grower about research presented at the meeting by Dawn Calibeo

- "ESA Holds Educational Program as Part of Annual Meeting," an article in Pest Control Technology Magazine on a prep course on urban entomology put on by the ESA Certification Board.

In addition to these, Entomology 2012 was covered by three Knoxvillle television news stations and the Knoxville News Sentinel.