Program and Speakers

Dr. Anurag Agrawal will deliver the Founders’ Memorial Award lecture during Entomology 2013. Dr. Agrawal, of Cornell Unversity will honor the memory and career of Dame Miriam Rothschild. To learn more about Dr. Agrawal and Dame Rothschild, click here.

This year’s theme “Science Impacting a Connected World” highlights President Wiedenmann’s vision to increase the impact of the science and ESA through public policy, develop new leaders for ESA, and strengthen connections and develop new partnerships within the membership and from around the world―all to maintain entomology as a robust science.  His overarching goal is to build on the momentum ESA currently has, support investment in ESA’s members and future, and help sustain a dynamic, engaged society. This year’s program symposia touch on aspects of the theme. 


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