Entomology 2013 Symposia

The following symposia have been accepted for Entomology 2013.

- Program Symposia
- MUVE Symposia
- PBT Symposia
- P-IE Symposia
- SysEB Symposia
- Member Symposia


Program Symposia:

Broadening Our Public Impact: Novel Ways to Connect the Entomological Community with an Evolving World
Organizers: Christina A. Silliman, Catherine Dana, Brendan Morris, Julie Allen

Connecting with the World’s Best Talent:  Attracting and Retaining Diverse Entomologists
Organizers: Michelle S. Smith, Bill Hendrix

Environmental Determinants and Ecological Consequences of Invasions by Arthropod Disease Vectors
Organizer: Brian F. Allan

How New Technologies and Interdisciplinary Approaches are Transforming our Understanding of Complex Biological Interactions
Organizer: Fiona L. Goggin

Impacts of Global Change on Biodiversity and Biological Control
Organizers: David Crowder, James D. Harwood

Plant-Mediated Interactions among Multiple Players: Making Connections between Ecological Processes and Mechanisms
Organizers: Roxina Soler, Raul F. Medina, Cesar Rodriguez-Saona

Medical, Urban, and Veterinary Entomology Section Symposia:

Applied Research on Bed Bug Management
Organizers: Changlu Wang, Richard Cooper

Arthropod Associated Allergy
Organizer: Shripat T. Kamble

Cellular, Molecular and Microbiological Interactions within Hematophagous Arthropods
Organizers: Dana Nayduch, Brian Weiss

Healthy Schools: Research, Benefits and Impacts in the Classroom
Organizer: Sherry Glick

Screwworm Eradication: Connecting Science with Customers in the Americas and Beyond
Organizer: S. R. Skoda

The Expanding Boundaries of Tick-Borne Diseases in the Midwestern USA
Organizer: Anna Schotthoefer

The Impact of Repellent Research and Development of New Arthropod Repellents
Organizer: Mustapha Debboun

Thermal Biology of Mosquito Vectors of Disease: Ecology and Epidemiological Consequence
Organizers: Courtney Murdock, Michael Reiskind

Physiology, Biochemistry, and Toxicology Section Symposia:

ABC Transporters: An Important "New" Player in Insect Biology
Organizers: David J. Hawthorne, John M. Clark

Epigenetic Mechanisms Connecting Physiology, Behavior Ecology, and Evolution in the Insect World
Organizers: Hongmei Li-Byarlay, Christina M. Grozinger, Susan Weiner, Brendan Hunt

Insect Lipid Physiology: From the Cell to the Whole Organism
Organizers: Spencer T. Behmer, Angela E. Douglas, Que Lan

Insect Resistance Management: Lessons Learned from Biochemical and Molecular Paths to Bt Resistance
Organizers: Amit Sethi, Mao Chen

Small non-coding RNAs – A New Frontier in Insect Science
Organizer: Alexander S. Raikhel

The Future of Mosquito Endocrinology
Organizers: Mark R. Brown, Julian F. Hillyer

Plant–Insect Ecosystems Section Symposia:

Arthropod Food Webs: A System for Studying Dynamic Responses to Global Change
Organizer: Ashley Asmus

Beyond the LC50: Advancements in Toxicological Research on Pollinators
Organizers: Kristen Hladun, Reed Johnson

Biofuel Cropping Systems: Connecting Beneficial Arthropods, Ecosystem Services, and Landscape Effects
Organizers: Ashley Bennett, Julie A. Peterson

Climate Change & Arthropod Pest Dynamics: Research to Accelerate our Science and Inform Public Policy
Organizers: William D. Hutchison, Robert Venette

Connecting Healthy Pollinators, Diverse Microbiota, and the Changing Environment
Organizers: Tugrul Giray, Vanessa Corby-Harris, Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman

Connecting Research, Outreach and Regulatory efforts to Protect Honey Bee Health
Organizers: Robyn Rose, Jeff Pettis

Corn Rootworm Management: Current Status, Challenges & Novel Strategies
Organizers: Murugesan Rangasamy, Nandi Nagaraj

Current Status of Vegetable Insect Pests in the USA
Organizers: Shimat V. Joseph, David G. Riley

Does Successful Resistance Management Require At Least Some Government Regulation?
Organizers: Rick Roush, Fred Gould, Anthony M. Shelton, Bruce E. Tabashnik

Ecological Services of Insect Microbial Control Agents
Organizers: Denny Bruck, Steven P. Arthurs

Exchange of Insects between Native and Non-native Plants:  Novel Food Webs, Invasions, and Biocontrol
Organizer: Ian S. Pearse

Insect Ecology in the World’s Most Populated Habitat: Connecting Scientists, Practitioners, and the Public
Organizers: Elsa Youngsteadt, Emily K. Meineke, Adam Dale

Insect-Microbe-Plant Interactions (Interactions between Insect Herbivores, Microorganisms and Their Host Plants)
Organizers: Diana Six, Peter Witzgall

Integrated Pest Management in the Connected World of Whole-Farm Ecosystems
Organizers: Norman Leppla, Thomas A. Green

Interactions between Biological Control of Pests and Other Ecosystem Services
Organizers: SD Wratten, Doug A. Landis, William E. Snyder

Mechanisms of Resistance:  From Mechanism to Management, IRAC US Symposium Series: No.9
Organizers: Graham P. Head, Caydee Savinelli, Bradley W. Hopkins, Daniel Vincent, Scott Ludwig, Natalie Hummel

Modern Concepts for Statistical Modeling of Field Studies: From GLMs to GLMMs.
Organizers: Sara Duke, Dale W. Spurgeon

Plant Defense and Insect Counter-Defense: An Ongoing Battle
Organizers: Joe Louis, Seung Ho Chung

Solutions for Invasive Insect Pests in a Connected World
Organizers: Suhas Vyavhare, Raul F. Medina, MO. Way, Bonnie B. Pendleton

The Effect of Microbes on Insect-Plant Interactions
Organizers: Allison Hansen, Clare Casteel

The Environment as the Sculptor: How Abiotic Factors Shape Plant-Insect Interactions
Organizer: Warren B. Sconiers

The Larry Larson Symposium: How Science has Impacted a Connected World by Expanding the Use of Insecticides Beyond Core Agricultural Markets
Organizers: Luis E. Gomez, Mike P. Tolley

Systematics, Evolution, and Biodiversity Section Symposia:

Biology and Evolution of Social Insect Symbionts
Organizers: Joseph Parker, Michael S. Caterino, K. Taro Eldredge

Dynamics of the Tropical Ecosystems: A Bug's-Eye View of the Jungle
Organizers: Melissa Sánchez Herrera, William R. Kuhn, Manpreet Kohli, Jessica L. Ware

Guy Bush and Santa Rosalia: Speciation with Gene Flow and the Extraordinary Diversity of Insects
Organizers: Andrew A. Forbes, Glen Hood

Interactive Keys Transforming Identification: Melding Traditional Methods with New Technologies
Organizers: Su Yee Lim, Thomas McElrath

Pitfalls, Malaise, and Hoping It All Pans Out: the State of the Art in Field Collecting Methods for Insect Biodiversity Surveys
Organizers: Jason Mottern, Michael Forthman

Systematics and Evolution of Native Bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea)
Organizers: Karen W. Wright, Rita Isabel Vélez-Ruiz

What Arthropods Reveal about the Biogeography of the American Southwest and Mexico
Organizer: Heidi Hopkins

Member Symposia

Acarology In Molecular Era
Organizer: Mariam Lekveishvili

Advances in Greenhouse Arthropod Pest Management
Organizers: John P. Sanderson, Michael P. Parrella

Advances in Pest Management for Turfgrass and Ornamentals
Organizer: Jonathan L. Larson

Americas Neuropterists Meeting
Organizers: David E. Bowles, Atilano Contreras-Ramos

Aquatic Entomology for the Protection of Water Resources
Organizers: Alan Leslie, Dessie Underwood, Wendy L. Willis, Robert Smith

Belowground Entomology
Organizers: Ivan Hiltpold, Jared G. Ali

Chagas Disease in the USA? A New Risk?
Organizer: Jane Breen Pierce

Challenges and Opportunities for Classical Biological Control:  A Roadmap for New Investigators
Organizers: Robert Nowierski, Kim A. Hoelmer

Cole Crops Under Siege: U.S. Invasion by the Painted Bug (Bagrada hilaris)
Organizers: Darcy Reed, Thomas M. Perring

Coming Together to Break it Down: A Global Perspective on Decomposers
Organizers: Sean D. Whipple, Jeffrey D. Bradshaw

Connecting our Past with Our Future
Organizers: Carey R. Minteer, Erin Jones, Tamra Reall

Connecting Virus Transmitting Mosquito Information: From Laboratory to Surveillance and Management in the Field
Organizers: Sonja L. Swiger, Wizzie Brown, Janet A. Hurley

Current Advances in Acarology
Organizers: Raul Villanueva, Jose Carlos V. Rodrigues

Dissecting and Reassembling Tick-Borne Disease Systems: What We Don’t Know Can Hurt Us
Organizers: Adalberto Perez de Leon, Wes Watson, Joel R. Coats, Andrew Li, Aaron D. Gross

Ecological and Evolutionary Origins of Sociality: Connecting Commonalities of Social Behavior Across Diverse Insect Taxa
Organizers: Sarah P. Lawson, Sandra M. Rehan, Patrick Abbot

Evolution of Insect Pests In a Connected and Changing World
Organizers: Samuel N. Crane, Gabriel Zilnik

Forest Entomology Connecting the World
Organizers: Kimberly F. Wallin, Nathan Havill, Richard W. Hofstetter

Frontiers of IPM: Honoring the Career of Marshall Johnson
Organizers: Bruce E. Tabashnik, Jay A. Rosenheim

Future Needs for Biological Control Teaching and Outreach
Organizers: James Nechols, Parwinder Grewal

Heteropterist Conference
Organizers: Thomas J. Henry, Katrina L. Menard

How Cool is Entomology?
Organizers: Brian G. Rector, Theresa L. Pitts-Singer

Innovative Global Strategies to Connect Entomologists with their Communities through Education, Outreach and Extension Programs
Organizers: Marianne Shockley, Martha Rosett Lutz, Mustapha El-Bouhssini

Insect Pests of Canola (Brassica spp.) and Their Management
Organizers: Gadi VP Reddy, Héctor A. Cárcamo

Integrated Insect Omics: From Transcriptomics to Interactomics
Organizers: Praveen Mamidala, Omprakash Mittapalli, Daniel Doucet

International Society of Hymenopterists Symposium Honoring Robert Wharton
Organizers: John M. Heraty, James B. Woolley

IOBC Workshop Symposium - Integrating the Macros (Macrobial Biocontrols) and the Micros (Microbial Biocontrols) to Manage Insect Pests.
Organizer: Stefan T. Jaronski

IPM for Small-Scale Farmers: Research and Extension Needs and Experiences
Organizers: Tessa R. Grasswitz, Jaime C. Pinero

Korean Young Entomologists (KYE)
Organizers: Sunghoon Baek, Ikju Park

Making Connections Across Disciplines to Combat Alien Invaders
Organizers: Veronica Manrique, Rodrigo Diaz, William Overholt

Making Connections Abroad: First Latin American/Hispanic Symposium
Organizers: Silvia I. Rondon, Ana Legrand, Raul F. Medina, Erik Echegaray

Mass-Production of Insects and Pathogens for Insect and Weed Biocontrol
Organizers: Patrick J. Moran, Juan A. Morales-Ramos

Native Bee Ecology, Evolution And Conservation In The 21st Century
Organizers: S. Hollis Woodard, Quinn S. McFrederick, Shalene Jha

Nepal Overseas Entomologists Symposium: Promoting Entomological Collaboration through Inter-societal Network and Information Sharing
Organizers: Ram B. Shrestha, Bal Krishna Gautam, Sandipa G. Gautam, Jhalendra P. Rijal

New Insights into the Evolution of Insect Coloration
Organizers: Heather M. Hines, Brian A. Counterman

North American Dipterists Society Meeting
Organizer: Keith Bayless

Overseas Chinese Entomologists Association (OCEA): Building a Foundation for Collaborations on Entomological Research
Organizers: Haobo Jiang, Nannan Liu, Xiao-Qiang Yu

Phasmatodea Studies Symposium
Organizer: Matan Shelomi

Phytosanitary Irradiation: How the International Community is Rising to the Regulatory Challenge
Organizers: Laura A. Jeffers, Michael K. Hennessey, David E. Bellamy

Plant Secondary Chemistry and Insect-Plant Interactions: The role of Iridoid Glycosides
Organizers: Saskya van Nouhuys, Deane Bowers

Red Imported Fire Ants: Global Approaches to a Global Invasive Species
Organizers: Robert Plowes, Robert T. Puckett, S. Bradleigh Vinson

Rocking Your Connected World: The Importance of Insect Microbiomes
Organizers: M. Eric Benbow, Jennifer L. Pechal

Science Impacting a Connected INSECT World: Use of Aggregation Pheromones in Pest Management
Organizers: Donald C. Weber, Tracy C. Leskey

Senior Symposium: Honey Bees Connecting Retired Entomologists
Organizers: Kenneth A. Sorensen, John Thomas

SOLA Scarab Workers
Organizer: Andrew B. T. Smith

Stored Product Entomology: Impacts on a Connected World
Organizers: Frank Arthur, Anna Getchell

Strategies for Managing the Asian Citrus Psyllid and Huanglongbing Disease
Organizers: Elizabeth E. Grafton-Cardwell, Jawwad A. Quresh

Strengthening the Connection between Continents –A Symposium Honoring Silvia Dorn's Impact on Applied Entomological Research
Organizers: Jaime C. Pinero, Mark Sarvary

Succeeding in the Business Aspects of an Entomological Career
Organizers: Miriam Cooperband, Mary A. Sorensen

Taxonomy and Systematics within the Tenebrionoidea (Coleoptera).
Organizers: Nathan P. Lord, Kojun Kanda, Traci L. Grzymala

The Coleopterist's Society Business Meeting
Organizer: Victoria Bayless

The Effects of Endophytic Fungal Entomopathogens on Insects, Plants, and Plant Pathogens
Organizers: Fernando Vega, Soroush Parsa

The Menace of Palm Weevils: Challenges and Strategies
Organizer: Aziz Ajlan, Khalid Alhudaib

Urban Pests and Disease Vectors: Sustainable Management and Future Research
Organizers: Paul Leisnham, Shannon L. LaDeau, Dawn Biehler

When a Blind Beetle Crawls Over the Surface of the Globe…or Under the Water: Biodiversity and Systematics of Aquatic Beetles
Organizers: Donald A. Yee, Kelly B. Miller

Youthful Perspectives in Forensic Entomology: Who are These Young Punks?
Organizers: Meaghan Pimsler, Charity Owings