Entomology 2014

More than 3,400 attendees participated in Entomology 2014 in Portland, Oregon. President Zalom's 2014 theme, “Grand Challenges Beyond Our Horizons,” highlighted his vision to maximize the contribution of entomology to improving the human condition by establishing a global grand challenge initiative for entomology. 

Highlights of the meeting included the Founders' Memorial presentation given by Dr. Fred Gould, the Student Competition for the Presidents Prize, and more than 1,000 symposium and organized meeting presentations.

Dr. May Berenbaum received a set of cockroaches that were named after her by Dominic Evangelista.

And Max Barclay, collections manager of Coleoptera and Hymenoptera at the British Museum of Natural History, brought a beetle that was collected by Charles Darwin himself during his voyage on the Beagle.