Entomology 2014 Program Symposia

The following program symposia have been accepted for Entomology 2014:

Agricultural Intensification and Insect Communities: Production Trade-off Challenges with 9 Billion on the Horizon
Organizers: Anders S. Huseth and Jessica D. Petersen

Beyond the Horizon: Unraveling the Novel Complexity of Insect-Plant Interactions
Organizers: Gary Felton and Kelli Hoover

Ecoinformatics (Big Data) For Entomology: Pitfalls, Progress, and Promise
Organizers: Jay Rosenheim and Claudio Gratton

Novel Ecological Approaches to Vector Control
Organizers: Allison Gardner and Carla Caceres

Reaching Beyond Our Horizon: Social Media & Connecting with the World
Organizers: Derek Hennen and Morgan Jackson

Social Insects as Models for Biological Complexity: Lessons Learned and Challenges on the Horizon
Organizers: Simon Garnier and Zachary Shaffer

The Futures of Insect Genomics: A Grand Challenge of Entomology
Organizers: David O'Brochta, Angela E. Douglas and Kristin Michel

Section and Member Symposia will be announced by April 14.