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Come share your research/instruction/extension with more than 3,000 entomologists from around the world that will be attending Entomology 2014, ESA’s 62nd Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon, November 16-19, 2014.


Take part in this exciting event where you’ll have the opportunity to share your research, gain exposure for your work, network with colleagues and friends, and broaden your horizons. Submit your symposia topic ideas today for Entomology 2014!

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Submissions for Program Symposia should be broad in scope and, where possible, reflect the ESA President’s meeting theme, Grand Challenges Beyond Our Horizons.  A few changes are proposed this year to improve inclusiveness of early-career professionals, provide a specialized format for a focused/organized meeting, and to afford greater opportunity for informal discussion.  If a symposium is not selected as a Program symposium, it will be considered for a Section or Member symposium or an Organized Meeting. Section symposia should be overarching in theme to serve the interest of the entire Section.  Member symposia may cover a wide range of topics and subject matter and may be more narrowly focused.  Submission of organized meetings of specialty groups that meet and may or may not contain talks can be submitted through a separate link.  Submissions that are incomplete, insufficiently developed, or on previous topics with low attendance records may be rejected. Click here to read more on the theme for Entomology 2014.

For 2014, you will be able to choose either 2 or 4 hour formats for symposia.  Symposia that include one or more students or early professionals will be given preference and program symposia must include students or early professional presenters.  Symposia organizers are invited to organize three styles of symposia, oral (traditional), posters (only) or a hybrid poster and oral session. Poster symposia rooms/areas will be setup so that organizers can group poster presentations and organize a facilitated discussion. Hybrid symposia will have posters in the symposia room available for perusal and discussion. Symposia organizers choosing to include “Contributed” submissions will be provided a list of submitted presentations for you to review (select those that will fit within the allotted time) and arrange into your symposium.  If a TMP or poster is not selected to be included into a symposium it will still be included in the regular TMP sessions. 

Individual submissions are limited to one invited presentation, one submitted TMP and one poster presentation, although the presenter may be included on submissions from other individuals.  Talks that are part of an organized meeting will not be counted as part of your individual submission.

Entomology 2014 Code of Conduct

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