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ESA Networks are free for anyone to join -- including non-ESA members.

Current networks are organized around jobs, interests, geography, hobbies, demographics, related organizations, and more. Please don’t post commercial messages, including job offers, product announcements or solicitation for services, on any Network list. Contact individuals directly with product and service information if you believe it would help them. All job announcements should be posted to ESA’s online Career Center. If ESA receives complaints about commercial spam coming from a Network member, it reserves the right to remove that individual from the Network.

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There are currently 50 Networks:

- Aquatic Entomology - Insect Physiology Network
- Arachnology Network - Insectary Managers
- Birdwatching Entomologists - Insects as Vectors of Plant Pathogens
- Black Entomologists - Intelligent Design Entomology Network
- Cerambycid Workers Network - International Entomology
- Cicada Killer Circle - Invasive Arthropod Network
- Distance Education and Learning - Insect Conservation
- Early Professionals in Entomology - Japanese Entomologists Network
- Entomology and Fly-fishing - Korean Young Entomologists
- Entomology and Scouting - LGBT & Ally Network
- Entomology Education and Outreach - Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Entomological Association
- Entomology Images - Military Entomologists
- Entomology Students Network - Molecular Entomology and Integrated Genomics
- Entomology Study Abroad - Nepal Overseas Entomologists
- Entomologists in the UK - Odonata Network
- Entomopathologists Network - Pollinator Network
- Entomophagy Network - Quantitatitve and Computational Entomology
- eXtension Fire Ant Project - Red Palm Weevil Management Network
- Flea News - School IPM Network
- Forest Entomologists - Senior Entomologists Network
- Hemipteran Feeding Network - Society for Regulatory Entomology
- Heteropterists’ Network - Turf and Ornamentals
- ICE 2016 Network - Urban and Structural Entomologists
- Indian Entomologists in North America - Veterinary Entomologists
- Insect Amphibian Interactions - Women-in-Entomology Network


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If you would like to create a new Network, please contact Joe Rominiecki at Likewise, if you are a Network Organizer and wish to continue in that capacity, please contact us.

The Networks are open to anyone -- including non-ESA members -- who has an interest in entomology.  ESA privacy policy.

By joining an ESA network you agree to allow ESA to contact you to promote its products and services.

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