Veterinary entomologists gathered in San Antonio, TX to participate in the S-1060 USDA Multi-state Project "Fly management in animal agriculture systems and impacts on animal health and food safety."
ESA delegation met with members of the Royal Entomological Society to discuss the 2016 International Congress of Entomology and the Grand Challenge Agenda for Entomology
Chris Geden was conferred the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award in Veterinary Entomology, and Elmer Ahrens, BCE received the Industry Appreciation Award, both presented by the Livestock Insect Workers Conference.
Joe Louis, an assistant professor at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, received the American Society of Plant Biologist's Eric E.
William A. Kolbe, BCE, technical director for Viking Termite and Pest Control, just celebrated his 40th year in the urban-entomology/structural-pest-control industry.  
At the 58th Annual Livestock Insect Workers Conference in San Diego, CA, June 22-25, two awards were presented to longtime ESA members in recognition of their contributions to livestock entomology.
Dr. Ronald W. Hodges, President of the Wedge Entomological Research Foundation, announced today the addition of two new members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.  Dr. Sangmi Lee and Dr. Todd Gilligan both accepted appointments to the board.
Walter Leal (UC Davis), co-chair of the 2016 International Congress of Entomology, teamed with Nobel laureate Kurt Wüthrich (Scripps Institute and ETH Zurich, Switzerland) to unravel how a carrier protein enables male moths to remotely r
Lt. James Dunford was recently recognized by CDC for his efforts developing an instructional video to track insecticide resistance as well as leading federal interagency projects related to controlling disease transmitting insects.
At the 57th Annual Meeting of the Livestock Insect Workers Conference, Dr. Bill Clymer was presented with the Industry Appreciation Award in recognition of his long-term commitment to and consistent support of the LIWC.