The Lifetime Achievement Award in Veterinary Entomology was presented to Dr. Wes Watson of North Carolina State University at the 57th Annual Livestock Insect Workers Conference in Nebraska City, Nebraska, June 25th, 2013.
Sandra Allan, an entomologist at USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, is featured in this video about things that "mosquitoes are addicted to." Surprisingly it’s not blood, but sugar.
Tom Myers has photographed polar bears in the Arctic, penguins in Antarctica, endangered creatures and insects from the Amazon to the African rain forest.
Loyola professor Robert W. Hamilton retired from teaching and research on January 1, 2013.
Insects are a great resource and offer opportunities for food and for feed.
Tracy Leskey and Michael Raupp appeared on NPR's Diane Rehm Show, where they talked about the brown marmorated stink bug.
In this article, Neal H. Haskell, BCE, a forensic entomology consultant, is interviewed about his work as a forensic entomology consultant to hundreds of law enforcement agencies across North America.
Dr. Back worked as an entomologist developing and registering agricultural products first for the Ethyl Corporation at the Boyce Thompson Institute, and then for the Union Carbide Corporation.
Lauren Weidner, a Rutgers graduate student in entomology, studies maggots in her lab. And according to this article, her research in the growing field of forensic entomology could make her the state’s most unlikely crime fighter.
At an age when most kids were sitting on the family room floor watching Captain Kangaroo, Andy Brower was running across the green hills of Trinidad, watching his parents collect butterflies.