Now accepting submissions for Section and Member Symposia,
Organized Meetings and Workshops
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Friday, February 28. 
View the submission criteria for Section and Member Symposia. Organizers should be  innovative in proposing appealing sessions that are inclusive and display the diversity of entomological science in terms of speaker locality and background (gender, ethnicity, career stage, etc.);  professional affiliation (ESA members and non-members), professional identity (traditional entomologists or “individuals who work with arthropods but do not consider themselves entomologists”), and showcase international and/or cross-disciplinary collaborations.

This is a competitive process. We encourage organizers to be creative, inventive and thoughtful in creating session proposals that are engaging and forward-focused. Failure to provide a comprehensive proposal may result in your submission being left out of the 2020 program.

Submit to Entomology 2020Plenary Speakers Announced: Entomology 2020 will feature two plenary addresses from two well-known and accomplished government officials showing how scientists and administrators work together to solve complex problem.

We are delighted to have Chavonda Jacobs-Young, Administrator of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service and Ray Wheeler, Senior Scientist and Plant Physiologist at NASA join us for the opening plenary session on Sunday evening, November 15. They will be highlighting the high priority national problems that relate to entomology but may not be part of the traditional ESA meeting.

Program Symposia will be announced by Friday, February 28.
Section and Member Symposia, Workshop and Organized Meetings will be announced by Friday, April 17.

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