Award Symposia Winners

ESA is excited to announce the winners of this year's award symposia: Rising Stars of Entomology and Early Career Professional Recognition Symposium. We look forward to their featured 30-minute presentations at Entomology 2021.

Early Career Professional Recognition Symposium

Priyadarshini Chakrabarti Basu, Oregon State University
Using a multiomics approach to understand bee nutritional physiology and bee nutritional landscape
PBT Section

Michael Crossley, University of Georgia
Ecoinformatics of declines and rebounds amidst the “Insect Apocalypse”
P-IE Section

Krystal Hans, Purdue University
CSI (Cultivating Scientific Inquiry): Teaching and research in forensic entomology
MUVE Section

Amelia Lindsey, University of Minnesota
Parasite-mediated losses of sex in parasitoid wasps
SysEB Section

Rising Stars of Entomology Award Symposium

Benoit Bechade, Drexel University
Spilling their guts: Digestive symbionts of turtle ants can overcome host’s dietary challenges
SysEB Section

Kara Fikrig, Cornell University
Aedes albopictus blood feeding behavior: From lab to field
MUVE Section

Sajjan Grover, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Molecular and physiological mechanisms underlying sorghum–sugarcane aphid interactions
P-IE Section

Daniela Pezzini, North Carolina State University
Impact of seed blend and structured refuge on Helicoverpa zea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) resistance evolution parameters
P-IE Section

Yan Yan, Vanderbilt University
The IMD and JNK immune signaling pathways regulate the aggregation of hemocytes on the heart of Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes
PBT Section

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