Award Symposia Winners

We are excited to announce the winners of this year's award symposia: Early Career Professional Recognition Symposium and Rising Stars of Entomology Award Symposium. We look forward to their featured 30-minute presentations at Entomology 2023.

Early Career Professional Recognition Symposium

Emily Durkin, University of Tampa
Microbiomes of "parasitic" and "non parasitic" facultatively parasitic mites
SysEB Section

Sajjan Grover, Bayer Crop Science
Jasmonates impact aphid foraging behavior, feeding physiology, nutrition, and reproduction rate
PBT Section

Hannah Levenson, North Carolina State University
Applied pollination ecology in a diverse agroecosystem: From row crops to specialty crops
P-IE Section

Paulina Maldonado-Ruiz, Kansas State University
Tick-bites and alpha-gal syndrome: Host-specific alpha-gal levels in the salivary gland of the lone star tick, Amblyomma americanum
MUVE Section

Rising Stars of Entomology Award Symposium

Jessica Awad, State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart
How 19th century specimens solve 21st century problems
SysEB Section

Carla-Cristina Edwards, Texas Tech University
The effects of microplastics on the Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus microbiome and host immunity
MUVE Section

Heidi Pullman-Lindsley, Baylor University
Aedes aegypti odorant receptors respond to behaviorally relevant plant volatiles
PBT Section

Berenice Romero, University of Saskatchewan
The hitchhiker’s guide to the prairies: Host plant use in a Phytoplasma vector
P-IE Section

Morgan Thompson, Texas A&M University
Ecological consequences of systemic plant defense against insect herbivory
P-IE Section

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