Award Symposia Winners

We are excited to announce the winners of this year's award symposia: Early Career Professional Recognition Symposium and Rising Stars of Entomology Award Symposium. We look forward to their featured 30-minute presentations at Entomology 2024.

Early Career Professional Recognition Symposium

Victor Cardoso-Jaime, Johns Hopkins University
Hemocytes pleiotropic effects on midgut homeostasis and immunity are agonists of Plasmodium falciparum infection
MUVE Section

Laura Kraft, Washington State University
Evaluating underserved grower needs through a needs assessment of Southwest Washington's cranberry and shellfish growers
FIT Section

Pierre Lau, USDA-ARS
Honey bee immune response to sublethal concentrations of clothianidin goes beyond the macronutrients found in artificial diets
PBT Section

Nicole Quinn, University of Florida
Good bugs and bad bugs across time and space: A crash course in the diversity and creativity of modern classical biological control programs
P-IE Section

Madison Sankovitz, University of Colorado Boulder
From Varroa to Vespa: Unraveling the challenges to honey bee survival across Asia
SysEB Section

Rising Stars of Entomology Award Symposium

Sarah Britton, University of Arizona
Ecology and evolution of melanin pigmentation plasticity in a complex world
SysEB Section

Doga Cedden, University of Göttingen
Development of a web-based platform for designing effective and eco-friendly double-stranded RNA-based insecticides
PBT Section

Kylee Noel, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Buzz kill: Insecticide resistance in Culex mosquito populations
MUVE Section

Sabita Ranabhat, Kansas State University
Integrating novel tactic long-lasting insecticide netting into integrated pest management programs for food facilities
P-IE Section

Preetpal Singh, University of Toronto
A new bioassay technique to assess insecticide impacts on an introduced larval endoparasitoid of emerald ash borer
P-IE Section

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