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What is the difference between Program, Section, and Member Symposia?

Program Symposia should be broad in scope and reflect the meeting theme, Crossing Borders: Entomology in a Changing World, and include international collaborations or connections. Symposia with an interactive aspect are encouraged, but not required. Submissions must feature invited speakers from a variety of backgrounds, reflecting the diversity of all three member societies. Special consideration for submissions including students and early-career professionals will be given. A limited number of Program Symposia are selected each year. 

Section Symposia should be overarching in theme to serve the interest of one or more Section topics. Section topics include:

Member Symposia may cover a wide range of topics and subject matter and may be more narrowly focused. 

What is an Organized Meeting?

Specialty groups which hold their business meetings, student competitions, and other activities during the Annual Meeting may submit to this category. Submissions may or may not have oral presentations.

What is a Workshop?

Workshops are 4-hour interactive educational sessions for attendees. Workshops focused on science communication and professional development are strongly encouraged and all should get attendees out of their seats.

What is a Lunch and Learn?

Lunch and Learn sessions are 1 1/2 hour sessions which take place during the lunch break at the conference. 

If I submit a Program Symposia proposal but it is not accepted, do I have to resubmit the symposium proposal to the Section or Member Symposia program?

If your Program Symposia submission is not accepted, you do not need to resubmit the proposal to a different category. It will automatically be submitted to the program you selected on Page 1 of your submission (i.e. Section or Member Symposia or Organized Meeting). 

Is there a limit on the number of presentations speakers may make at Entomology 2018?

Yes. Entomology 2018 presenters are limited to one oral presentation and one poster presentation. This includes contributed, student competition, and invited presentations part of symposia. Participants in the three-minute presentations, as well as participants in Organized Meetings, Workshops, and Lunch and Learns will be allowed an additional oral presentation. 

Is it necessary to contact and confirm participation of each speaker before submitting a proposal?

No, a confirmed list of speakers is not required for submission. However a list of invited speakers who have committed to your session makes the proposal stronger.

Is there a format for symposia?

The suggested format for all symposia should feature:

  • Introductory remarks
  • 15 minute presentations
  • 15 minute break (in the middle of the symposium)
  • Discussion/Panel discussion, if desired
  • Poster session, if desired
  • Concluding remarks

How long can symposia presentations be and how many presentations can be in a symposium?

Symposia presentations should be 15 minutes in length. For a two-hour symposium, no more than eight (8) 15-minute presentations should be included. For a three-hour symposium, no more than eleven (11) 15-minute presentations should be included, allowing for a 15 minute break. For a four-hour symposium, no more than fifteen (15) 15-minute presentations should be included, allowing for a 15 minute break. 

Is funding available for speakers?

ESA provides limited funding for invited speakers in Program, Section, and Member Symposia, as well as Workshops. Learn more about ESA's Program Enhancement Funds program. 

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