ICE 2016 Travel Awards for Grad Students and Early Professionals

New travel awards are available for graduate students and early career professionals who reside in the continental United States to participate in the International Congress of Entomology (ICE 2016) Sept 25-30 in Orlando, FL.

The National Science Foundation has awarded a grant to broaden awareness of insect contributions to ecosystem services and to help graduate students and early career professionals (postdocs and assistant professors) from under-represented groups to participate in the ICE 2016 symposium on “Insect effects on ecosystem services” scheduled for Sept 27, 2016 in Orlando, FL. Note that applicants are not expected to present in this symposium but are expected to attend and participate.

Applications are hereby solicited for travel awards up to $1500 each. Awards may be used for meeting registration, airfare and housing. Applications must include 1) a cover letter (2 page maximum) stating anticipated benefits for career development from participation in this symposium and in the ICE, 2) anticipated travel expenses and 3) a complete CV. 

Applications may be emailed or faxed. Applications must be received by March 1, 2016 midnight Eastern time. 

Awards will be announced by March 18 to allow recipients to register by the early deadline of March 25.

For more information or to apply, contact:

Dr. Tim Schowalter
Department of Entomology
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
225-578-1827 (office)
225-578-2257 (fax)

Members of underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged to apply.