Interdisciplinary Supervisory Research Entomologist/Plant Pathologist/Geneticist


                                   Announcement opens: June 03, 2021    Closes: July 02, 2021



The incumbent is a Research Leader in USDA-ARS-U.S. Vegetable Laboratory (USVL) research unit in Charleston, SC. This unit will focus to conduct research to solve region-wide and national problems in the production and protection of vegetable crops. The research is conducted in close cooperation with the 13 southeastern agricultural experiment stations. The current research at USVL has several specific objectives in 2 broad problem areas: cultivar development and pest control. Crops covered by this program include snap beans, broccoli, cabbage, collards, cucumber, watermelon, muskmelon, pepper, southern pea, greens and leafy vegetables, tomato, and sweetpotato. In addition to the conventional methods of plant breeding and plant pest control, scientists at the Laboratory are now using new approaches and methodologies (e.g., doubled haploid methodology, marker-assisted- selection techniques, and nucleotide sequencing) to advance the technology of vegetable production.

As Research Leader of the USVL, incumbent is responsible fundholder for all projects, provides primary supervision for unit scientists, and secondary supervision for other lab personnel.




  • Solve region-wide and national problems in the production and protection of vegetable crops.
  • Improve genetic populations of vegetable crops by combining resistance to diseases and pests (nematodes, insects, and weeds) with favored quality characters and improved yield potentials through genetics, genomics and/or biotechnological approaches.
  • Develop knowledge on disease and pest biology, ecology, and epidemiology that can be used for the development of new, reliable, environmentally sound integrated management systems that rely on host resistance, biocontrol, and natural compounds.
  • Establish working relationships, communication channels, cooperative research, and research priority setting with state agricultural experiment stations, universities and industry, and national and international organizations.


This is a competitive, permanent appointment, and U.S. citizenship is required.  For further details about this position and how to apply, go to ; vacancy announcement number: ARS-D21Y-11131331-ABS

For questions, contact: Dr. Prasanna Gowda,


            ** ARS is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider **

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60 Days
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USDA Agricultural Research Service
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Dr. Prasanna Gowda
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South Carolina
United States
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