Interviews and Perspectives from the Modern Scientist

A 2015 research project led by PhD Students Jess Hartshorn (University of Arkansas) and Molly Darr (Virginia Tech)
Diversity is a hot button issue in the scientific community, and the effect of diversity on research initiatives, community dynamics and policies is often a subject of discussion. However, there is a paucity of research on the level of influence of gender, race, age, and religion bias in scientific fields.
While many people experience bias during their career, they may not know how to identify it, report it, or who to talk to.  Discussing these issues openly allows us to work collaboratively to address common concerns and issues facing scientists today. 
You are invited to participate in interviews for a research study titled “Perspectives from the Modern Scientist,” led by PhD. Students Jess Hartshorn (University of Arkansas) and Molly Darr (Virginia Tech).  These interviews will obtain personal stories from a diverse collection of scientists within, and outside, of entomology. The interviews will be a platform to discuss any bias felt by individuals at various points in their careers, as the research hopes to gather a diverse perspective on any difficulties faced, and strategies used to combat them, by individuals at various points in their careers.
In this study, you will be asked to complete an interview with one of the primary researchers.  Interview questions will be open-ended, allowing the participant to make the interview as long, or short, and as detailed as they wish. Your participation is voluntary and you may withdraw from the interview at any time. No personal identifying information will be collected unless you specifically state otherwise.
Our hope is to consolidate these interviews into reports on the current status of diversity in entomology and related sciences. We also hope to create a collection of anonymous personal stories from the perspective of today’s modern scientist. To do this, it is important that volunteers represent a variety of professional and academic backgrounds, ethnicities, and personal histories. The lack of literature available is a clear indication that a formal dialogue needs to be facilitated to better represent the experience of today’s scientific professional.
Interviews will take place over the phone as well as in person during Entomology 2015 in Minneapolis, MN from November 15-18, 2015.
To schedule an interview with Molly or Jess, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding the study or interview process, please email You may contact the individual primary researchers at or