ITMS Presentations

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Tick distributions - County-based data - Lars Eisen, Ph.D., CDC

Tick distributions - Crowd-sourced data - Tom Mather, Ph.D., University of Rhode Island

Distribution & burden of TBDs - Paul Mead, M.D., M.P.H., CDC

Funding, collaborations, federal Initiatives - Ben Beard, Ph.D., CDC

Business case for greater investment - Thomas Green, IPM Institute

Personal protection: Topical repellents - Susan Jennings, M.A., EPA

Personal protection: Treated clothing - Steve Meshnick, Ph.D., UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health

Suppression of host-seeking ticks: Standard pesticides - Alison Hinckley, Ph.D., CDC

Suppression of host-seeking ticks: Habitat management - Charles Lubelczyk, M.S., Maine Medical Center Research Institute

Suppression of host-seeking ticks - Other technologies - Holly Gaff, Ph.D., Old Dominion University

Rodent-targeted methods: Topical pesticides - Marc Dolan, Ph.D., CDC

Rodent-targeted methods: Vaccines/Antibiotics - Sam Telford, S.D., Tufts University

Deer-targeted methods: Topical pesticides - Kirby Stafford, Ph.D., Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

Deer-targeted methods: Deer reduction - Sam Telford

Deer-targeted methods: Anti-tick vaccine - Andrew Li, Ph.D., USDA ARS

Integrated tick/pathogen management - Kirby Stafford

Integrated tick/pathogen management - Bob Jordan, Ph. D, Monmouth County (NJ) Mosquito Control Division

Establishing goals - Lars Eisen, Ph.D., CDC

Design considerations - Alison Hinckley

Assessments and metrics - Howie Ginsberg, Ph.D., USGS

Engagement and implementation - Tom Mather

Paying for it - Ben Beard