ITMS Speakers Publish for Free!

JIPM's open-access publishing model was specifically designed to share information about integrated pest management with a non-technical audience, including animal and human health professionals, pest control operators, educators, foresters, farmers and ranchers, and pest management product manufacturers and suppliers. It is the Entomological Society of America's best-read peer-reviewed journal—with an average of 772 downloads per article for papers published in 2015, 55% higher than any other ESA journal. But what makes JIPM truly unique is that it is exclusively extension and outreach oriented; it does not accept original unpublished research.

Publishing in JIPM will make your article freely accessible to a broad, global audience immediately upon publication. Because the journal is online-only, publication moves quickly—the median time from submission to acceptance is 9 weeks, and papers are typically online within 4 weeks of acceptance. Open access copyright policy means that your article can be reused for educational materials. In addition, ESA will work with our publishers at Oxford University Press to provide special promotional support for all papers written by Integrated Tick Management Symposium authors.To access the JIPM instructions to authors and submit your paper, go to


Waivers will be provided to authors on a first-come, first-served basis based on the submission date of their papers. To request your waiver, simply email ESA Publications Manager Josh Lancette at when you submit your paper.  Please note that waivers are only available for speakers.