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Name Education Level Keywords Last Updated
President Sean Greenhow Masters in Business Administration Dec 11, 2019
Dr. Priyanka Mittapelly Ph.D. Entomologist, Molecular biologist, Insect-plant interactions, Insect-microbe interactions, Insect-vector interactions, RNA interference, metatranscriptome, metabolomics. Rearing insects, Artificial diets. Dec 10, 2019
Account Executive Andrew Lindemuth, ACE Associates Degree Entomology, Entomologist, ACE, Associate Certified Entomologist, Western Pest Services, Rollins, Pest Control, Pest Identification, Cape May, New Jersey. Dec 9, 2019
Master's Student looking for Internship or Job in Industry Victoria Deren Master's Degree pesticide, IPM, Integrated Pest Management, Mite, rearing Dec 4, 2019
Dr. Anthony Hanson PhD Entomology with crop genetics focus Integrated pest management, Economic entomology, Host-plant resistance, Insecticide resistance, Phenology, Predictive modeling, Experimental design, Scouting, Cold tolerance, Crop breeding, Biological control, Invasive species, Soybean aphid, Emerald ash borer, Parasitoids, Western bean cutworm, Germplasm assessment, Farm management Dec 2, 2019
CV of Dr. Bilal Saeed Khan, BILAL KHAN PhD Entomology, Acarology, Insect and Mite biodiversity, Integrated Pest Management, Dec 2, 2019
Dr. Dalton Ludwick Ph.D. Ecotoxicology, agroecology, ecology, resistance management, biocontrol, agricultural entomology Nov 25, 2019
Ms. Isabel MacConnell Bachelors of Science - Entomology & Environmental Research Science outreach, service, Hymenoptera, wasp Nov 24, 2019
Ph.D Candidate (Grad. May 2020) Heather Kopsco ABD, MS Nov 20, 2019
Technical Director PestWest USA LLC Stuart Mitchell DO, ND, PsyD, DVM, MPH, PhD Nov 18, 2019
Austin Fife MSc Entomology, BSc Zoology Arthropod-Plant Interactions, Phyllocoptes fructiphilus, Eriophyidae, Rose Rosette Disease, Plant Pathology, Behavior, Ethology, Host Plant Resistance, Vector Biology, Arthropod Ecology, Hemiptera, Acari, Arachnology Nov 16, 2019
Dr Isabelle Vea PhD Nov 15, 2019
Mr. Fabiano Stefanello Ph.D. Student Heteroptera, Giant water bugs, Systematics, Geometric Morphometrics, Evolutionary Biology Nov 12, 2019
Trisha Dubie PhD Nov 12, 2019
Dr. Ryan Gott PhD Entomology, integrated pest management, pesticides, plants, pests, plant health care, horticulture Nov 7, 2019
Lorena Lopez Ph.D. in Entomology Biological Control, IPM, Acarology, Sustainable Agriculture, Pest Management, Vegetables Nov 1, 2019
Mr. Marcelo Dimase M.Sc. in Entomology (Anticipated May 2020) Integrated Pest Management; Crop protection; Insect Resistance Management; Host Plant Resistance. Oct 28, 2019
Collections curator/taxonomist looking for employment! Guy Hanley Masters degree specializing in Scientific Collections curation and management collections, curator, museum specialist, field entomologist, coleoptera Oct 22, 2019
Dr. Junaid Rehman Ph.D. Oct 21, 2019
Professor Dr. Muhammad Mazhar Ayaz Ph.D. Entomologist, Parasitologist, Immunologist, Molecular Biotechnologist Oct 18, 2019