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Name Education Level Keywords Last Updated
Ms. Samantha Hays Master of Science in Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences Mar 21, 2018
Ms. Betty Hernandez Undergrad Mar 21, 2018
PhD Candidate Carolyn Trietsch PhD candidate systematics, taxonomy, biodiversity, natural history, ecology, morphology, collections management, museum, curator, curatorial, insect identification, sampling, Hymenoptera, writing, editing, communication, social media, education, outreach, insect zoo, insectarium, insect rearing, insect husbandry Mar 21, 2018
Eric Clifton PhD Entomology, Nematology, Mycology, Integrated Pest Management, Biological Control, Pesticides, Host Plant Resistance, Agriculture Mar 15, 2018
Charles Hart Entomologist, research, teaching, identification, taxonomy, morphology, biodiversity, biogeography, systematics, evolution, ecology, curator, collections manager, Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Cerambycidae, fieldwork, field biologist, outreach. Mar 12, 2018
Susan Ndiaye Masters (May 2018) extension educator agriculture Mar 8, 2018
Sujan Dawadi PhD Cover Crops, Management Practices, Biological Control, Plant-Insect Interaction, Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Mar 7, 2018
Dr. Muhammad Mazhar Ayaz Ph.D. Entomologist, Parasitologist, Immunologist, Molecular Biotechnologist Mar 6, 2018
Christopher J Dourte Christopher Dourte BS Aquatic Ecology, Minor in Entomology Mar 7, 2018
Tim Ciarlo MS Board Certified Entomologist, agrochemicals, regulatory, EPA registration, project management, product development, bioassay, insecticide efficacy protocols, LC/MS-MS Mar 2, 2018
Mr Ilgoo Kang MS Entomology Braconidae, Taxonomy, Systematics, Agathidinae, Species delimitation, Identification keys (Traditional & Interactive) Mar 2, 2018
Mr Ian Burgess MPhil ectoparasites, insecticides, repellents, clinical trials, Mar 1, 2018
Dr. NAZIFE EROGLU Post-doc Feb 26, 2018
Dr Manas Sarkar PhD Feb 23, 2018
CV 2018 Lidia Komondy Senior Undergraduate Feb 9, 2018
Dr. Monica A. Farfan Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Sciences mites, Acari, Phytoseiidae, community ecology, food web ecology, soil ecology Feb 9, 2018
Mamata Bashyal Master in Environment Studies Seeking Phd, Biological control, Integrated Pest Management, Fruit Crop Entomology, Feb 9, 2018
Mohammad Amir Aghaee PhD Feb 9, 2018
CV Miriel Otero Miriel Otero Doctorate (PhD) Feb 3, 2018
Jeff Coco Feb 3, 2018