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Name Education Level Keywords Last Updated
Ph.D. Entomology; IPM; IRM; Resistance mechanisms; Insect ecology Jan 21, 2021
CV 2020 Lidia Komondy PHD student Jan 19, 2021
Ginger N. Devinney, MS - Entomology Ginger Devinney Master of Science - Entomology Jan 19, 2021
Director of Commercial Development Larry Edmonds Capitol Pest BSA Business, Jan 14, 2021
Undergraduate Student Osten Eschedor B.S. Entomology Undergraduate Student Entomology Major Communications Science Policy Jan 13, 2021
Taxonomic study and species diversity of Ichneumonidae PARDIS AGHADOKHT phD Ichneumonidae, Species diversity, Taxonomy Jan 13, 2021
President Warren Remmey Two years college web of protection---------------solutions provider-termite-pest-lawn-weed--fumigations Jan 12, 2021
Dr Alina Avanesyan PhD invasive species, biocontrol, brown marmorated stink bug, spotted lanternfly, grasshoppers, novel plant-insect interactions, molecular gut content analysis, DNA barcoding, invasion ecology, insect host plant usage Jan 11, 2021
USDA ARS Honeybee Research Laboratory Technician (UC Davis location) Seiji Yokota B.S. Entomology Honeybees Phytochemical Pollination Pollinators Nutrition Agriculture Diseases Jan 11, 2021
Area Identifier (Entomologist) Joshua Thomas Master's Degree - Entomology Mass Rearing, Entomology, Taxonomy, Research, Diet Jan 8, 2021
Steven Smith Masters of Science in Entomology field biologist, IPM, integrated pest management, field crops, research, research design Jan 7, 2021
Jan 3, 2021
Kirsten Pearsons Ph.D. ecotoxicology toxicology Integrated Pest Management Soil Invertebrates Pesticides Insecticides Dec 15, 2020
M.Sc. Amy Geffre Master's of Science apiculture, honey bee health, pollinator health, host-pathogen interactions, behavior, ecology, evolution Dec 13, 2020
Professor Jalal Jalali Sendi Ph.D Insect Physiology (Immunology, Digestion, Endocrinology) Dec 9, 2020
Dr. Christof Stumpf Ph.D. DNA barcoding; scale insects Dec 9, 2020
Erica Rudolph Current graduate student Dec 3, 2020
Ms. Samantha Hays Master of Science in Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences Dec 1, 2020
Post graduated Sara Idrees MS.c (Hons) Entomology IPM, Control of Fruit Fly, Stored Grain Insect Pest. Nov 28, 2020
CV Mark Culik PhD Portuguese-English translation, Edition of English, Scientific writing, Integrated Pest Management, Scale insects, Biological control, Taxonomy, Soil biology, Collembola Nov 20, 2020