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Angela Coco Masters CV, resume, references, angela coco, Tooker lab, pennstate, psu, Pennsylvania, state, university, biology, ecology, agroecology, entomology, aquatic, ecology, forest, backcountry, urban, masters, PhD, program, post, docterate, post-masters, job, outdoor, lab, science, institute, college, technician, new, enthusiastic, SCA, mature, reliable, Americorps, travel, Industry, EPA, government, budget, experienced, published, author, dog, animal, wildlife, society, horse, athletic, camping, collecting, collection, insect, pin, museum, research, data, collect, statistics, pollinators, bee, dragonfly, pest, crop, parasitoid, rearing, development, engineer, science, outreach, education, east coast, west, south, north, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Delaware, California, Canada, river, IPM, invasive, fish, extension, lanternfly, monitoring, environment, design, control, photo, photography, writing, art, liberal arts, laboratory, field, journal, thinktank, pheromone, reporting, SDS, GIS, immediate, opening, hire me Jun 11, 2021
M.Sc. Amy Geffre Master's of Science apiculture, honey bee health, pollinator health, host-pathogen interactions, behavior, ecology, evolution Jun 2, 2021
Samantha Willden PhD Candidate Applied Entomology Biological Control Integrated Pest Management Sustainable Agriculture Jun 1, 2021
Dr. Brendon Boudinot Ph. D. Systematics, phylogenetics, evolutionary biology, anatomy, morphology, Hymenoptera. May 30, 2021
Dr Alina Avanesyan PhD invasion ecology, invasive species, plant ecology, insect ecology, biocontrol, brown marmorated stink bug, spotted lanternfly, grasshoppers, novel plant-insect interactions, molecular gut content analysis, DNA barcoding, insect host plant usage May 25, 2021
Professor Jalal Jalali Sendi Ph.D Insect Physiology (Immunology, Digestion, Endocrinology) May 20, 2021
Becky Miller Bachelor's Degree May 20, 2021
Doctorate May 19, 2021
Ph.D. ABD Amber Slatosky Ph.D. ABD Bombus, Conopidae, Parasitoids, GIS, Behavior, Bee Nesting, Social Insects May 3, 2021
Technical Director, PestWest USA LLC Stuart Mitchell DO, ND, PsyD, DVM, MPH, PhD Apr 28, 2021
Dr. Monica A. Farfan Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Sciences mites, Acari, Phytoseiidae, community ecology, food web ecology, soil ecology Apr 27, 2021
Resume of Frances S Nagle 2021 Frances Nagle Masters of Science in Biology Ecology, Evolution, Mycology, Lab Technician, Olfactometery, Taxonomy, Insect Identification Apr 22, 2021
USDA ARS Honeybee Research Laboratory Technician (UC Davis location) Seiji Yokota B.S. Entomology Honeybees Phytochemical Pollination Pollinators Nutrition Agriculture Diseases Apr 19, 2021
Dr. Emily Bick Ph.D. applied agroecology, digital entomology, spatial population biology Apr 16, 2021
Dr. Barbara Amoah Ph.D. Entomology, Kansas State University, 2016 Entomology, Stored products entomology, IPM, Integrated pest management, Mites, Insects, behavioral studies, sampling methods, biological control, mating disruption, GRAS compounds, Ozone gas, Pesticidal plants, ham mite, Tyrophagus putrescentiae, Sitophilus oryzae, Lasioderma serricorne, Oryzaephilus mercator, extension, applied entomology, Insects of Stored Products, Plant Physiology, Botany, Agricultural Entomology, Insect Pest Management, Insect Ecology, Plant Pathology, General Entomology, Economic Entomology Apr 14, 2021
Damián Villaseñor-Amador Undergraduate Beetle systematics, plant-insect interactions, taxonomy Apr 2, 2021
Austin Fife MSc Entomology, BSc Zoology Arthropod-Plant Interactions, Phyllocoptes fructiphilus, Eriophyidae, Brevipalpus californicus, Rose Rosette Disease, Orchid Fleck Virus, Vector Biology, Chemical Ecology, Host Plant Resistance, Behavior, Ethology, Arthropod Ecology, Plant Pathology, Hemiptera, Acari, Arachnology Apr 2, 2021
Apr 1, 2021
Dr. Priyanka Mittapelly Ph.D. Entomologist, Molecular biologist, Insect-plant interactions, Insect-microbe interactions, Insect-vector interactions, RNA interference, metatranscriptome, metabolomics. Insect rearing, Artificial diets. Mar 31, 2021
Jenna L. Crowder Recent Graduate | B.S. pollinator ecology, melittology, biodiversity, conservation, museum studies, outreach Mar 30, 2021