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Name Education Level Keywords Last Updated
William Jessie PhD Mar 30, 2020
Ms. Lyndsey Gray Masters of Science in Public Health (MSPH) medical entomology, mosquito, DNA sequencing, gene sequencing, machine learning, next gen sequencing, aedes aegypti, anopheles gambiae, culex, West Nile virus, malaria, dengue, Zika, field research, statistical analysis, biostatistics, bioinformatics, genomics, epidemiology, global health Mar 28, 2020
Timothy P. Best. ACE, BCE-Intern Timothy Best Master of Science, MS Public Health Applied entomology, public health, education, educator Mar 27, 2020
Austin Fife MSc Entomology, BSc Zoology Arthropod-Plant Interactions, Phyllocoptes fructiphilus, Eriophyidae, Rose Rosette Disease, Plant Pathology, Behavior, Ethology, Host Plant Resistance, Vector Biology, Arthropod Ecology, Hemiptera, Acari, Arachnology Mar 13, 2020
Laura Hebert Masters Student medical entomology, public health, tropical medicine, environmental health, insect-plant interactions Mar 10, 2020
Renee Ali Phd Candidate entomology, mosquito microbiome, control, Trinidad Mar 5, 2020
Kelsey Fisher 5th year Ph.D. student conservation, tracking, movement ecology, pollination, monarch butterflies Feb 26, 2020
Babu Panthi PhD candidate IPM, insect ecology, distribution, chilli thrips, berry crops Feb 24, 2020
Michael Means BA Business Management, California State University at Fullerton Feb 24, 2020
Dr. Janithri Wickramanayake PhD Feb 23, 2020
Forensic Specialist I Emily Baucom Feb 18, 2020
Mr. Johnnie Erskine Feb 17, 2020
Dr. Yuan-Xi Li Feb 15, 2020
MSc Inana Schutze PhD Student (Doctoral defense January 2021) Pest Management, IPM, whitefly, soybean, fruit fly, fruit orchards, economic threshold, plant protection, toxicity, selectivity Feb 12, 2020
Ozzy Bellwood Three years of college Mandarin Chinese, Passion, Behavior, Arachnology, Polyglot Feb 6, 2020
Chelsea Jahant-Miller Ph.D. Candidate (Doctoral defense April 2020) Invasive insects, climate change, trophic interactions, pest management, phenology, evolution, physiology, flight mills Feb 7, 2020
CV of Dr. Bilal Saeed Khan, BILAL KHAN PhD Entomology, Acarology, Insect and Mite biodiversity, Integrated Pest Management, Feb 6, 2020
Dr. Meaghan Pimsler Ph.D. Transcriptome; Bioinformatics; Big data; Behavior; Microbe-Insect Interactions; Pollinator Biology; Forensic Entomology Feb 6, 2020
Dr. Kaitlin Baudier PhD ant, army ant, behavior, behavioral ecology, climate change, ecology, evolution, macrophysiology, temperature, stingless bee Feb 3, 2020
Mr. Karim Gharbi Bachelors of Science Feb 3, 2020