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Name Education Level Keywords Last Updated
Ms. navneet kaur Ph.D entomology, mosquitoes, Culicinae, vector control Jul 13, 2018
Ana Samayoa Jul 7, 2018
Research Entomologist Adam Wimer PhD in Entomology Jul 3, 2018
Dr. Jennifer Gordon Ph.D. Jul 3, 2018
Allison Parker PhD Candidate (Expected graduation May 2018) Mosquito ecology, integrative pest management, Aedes albopictus Jul 3, 2018
Leslie Saul-Gershenz PhD Jul 2, 2018
Garret Jolma Bachelor of Arts, Organismal Biology & Ecology (ongoing) entomology ecology biocontrol biomimicry entomophagy Jul 1, 2018
Ms. Samantha Hays Master of Science in Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences Jun 27, 2018
Dr. Anthony Hanson PhD Entomology with crop genetics focus Integrated pest management, Economic entomology, Host-plant resistance, Insecticide resistance, Phenology, Predictive modeling, Experimental design, Scouting, Cold tolerance, Crop breeding, Biological control, Invasive species, Soybean aphid, Emerald ash borer, Parasitoids, Western bean cutworm, Germplasm assessment, Farm management Jun 26, 2018
Dr. Zainab Al-Jbory PhD Recombinant protein, Western blot, Immunostaining, Protein-protein interaction, Gene cloning, cDNA library, qPCR, RNA interference, Insect’s dissection, Insect Biology Jun 25, 2018
Miss Aline Edith NOUTCHA PhD Vector Biology, Insect Genomics, Insect Ecology, Vector-borne diseases, Insect Cell Biology, Insect neuroscience Jun 24, 2018
Aron Katz Ph.D. Entomology (Summer 2018) Biodiversity, Evolution, Systematics, Taxonomy, Conservation, Ecology, Biospeleology, Molecular, Phylogenetics, Identification, Morphology, Phylogeography, Biogeography, Subterranean Biology, Cave Biology, Species delimitation, Population Genetics, Field Biology, Curator, Collection Manager, Research, Phylogenomics, Natural History, Museum, Collembola, Springtails, Small Orders, Post-doc, Professor, Teacher Jun 21, 2018
Master in Science Tiago da Costa Jun 6, 2018
Mrs. Michelle Sherwood Masters of Philosophy in Entomology Integrated Pest Management, Pest Ecology, Pest Diagnostics and advisory, Biological Control, Entomology Lecturer, Insecticide evaluation, Farmer Field School extension, Project Management, Technology Transfer to Farmers, writing various publications Jun 5, 2018
Miss Brogan Amos PhD IPM, Biopesticides, pollination, ecology, symbiosis, ethology, chemical ecology, honeybee pests Jun 4, 2018
Marion Ripoche PhD epidemiology, vector-borne disease, veterinary entomology, tick, mosquito Jun 3, 2018
Entomologist John McCulloch MS Medical and veterinary entomology; field data; data QC, hazmat; CDL, research; peer-reviewed publications; PCR May 30, 2018
Rebekah Rogers Graduate Student (MS) May 28, 2018
Alfred Runkel Master of Science entomology, forest entomology, forest, husbandry, insect husbandry, field technician, field tech, field, technician May 27, 2018
Dr. Fabien Demares Postdoctoral Fellow May 23, 2018