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Name Education Level Keywords Last Updated
Ernesto Robayo Camacho Ph.D. project manager, leadership, pest risk analysis, regulatory compliance, plant diseases, agricultural and energy crops, R&D Oct 18, 2019
Babu Panthi PhD candidate IPM, insect ecology, distribution, chilli thrips, berry crops Oct 18, 2019
Professor Dr. Muhammad Mazhar Ayaz Ph.D. Entomologist, Parasitologist, Immunologist, Molecular Biotechnologist Oct 18, 2019
Mr. Stephen Panossian B. S. Space Sciences, A. A. Environmental Science, Certificate, Business Management Oct 18, 2019
Kevin Ulrich PhD Pest management, regulatory, urban and structural pests Oct 16, 2019
Smitha George Ph. D Entomology, Insect physiology, Juvenile Hormone, Molecular Biology, RNA interference, Epigenetic's, HDACs, HATs, Protein Acetylation, CLC Genomics, Red flour beetle, Proteomics, Red flour beetle, LabWare LIMs, JMP Oct 16, 2019
Dr. Priyanka Mittapelly Ph.D. Entomologist, Molecular biologist, Insect-plant interactions, Insect-microbe interactions, Insect-vector interactions, RNA interference, metatranscriptome, metabolomics. Rearing insects - Tobacco hornworm, bed bugs, red flour beetle, emerald ash borer, stink bugs, leafhoppers, soybean aphids, soybean thrips, and wheat curl mites Oct 15, 2019
Dr. Tolulope Morawo Doctorate Entomology, Insect Behavior, Chemical Ecology, Biological Control, Neurobiology, Integrated Pest Management, Plant-Insect Interactions Oct 14, 2019
Dr. Ahmad Mahdavi PhD Insect toxicology, environmental toxicology, ecotoxicology, pesticide regulations for developing countries, chemicals/ biocide regulations, wildlife conservation & toxicology, Digital agriculture. Oct 12, 2019
Patricia Prade Masters Oct 11, 2019
Dr Harmen Hendriksma PhD Honey bee, health, nutrition, parasites, pollen, nectar, pollination, bumble bee, colony, social insects, virome Oct 10, 2019
IPM Agroecology researcher Christina Elizabeth Pease Doctoral Agroecology, IPM, Entomology, Acarology, Agroforestry Oct 8, 2019
Ms Sonu Koirala BK Graduate Graduate Student, Biological control, Biopesticides, IPM Oct 8, 2019
Dr. Boopathi Thangavel Ph.D. Biological Control, Integrated Pest Management, Fruit fly management, Host plant resistance, Insect-plant interactions Oct 5, 2019
Junho Yoon BSc Oct 3, 2019
Dr. Dalton Ludwick Ph.D. Ecotoxicology, agroecology, ecology, resistance management, biocontrol, agricultural entomology Sep 30, 2019
William Jessie PhD Sep 29, 2019
Dr. Desmi Chandrasena Doctorate Senior R&D lead, Project Lead, Ag Director, R&D director Sep 25, 2019
Giovana Matos Franco M.Sc. in Entomology (Anticipated May 2020) Biological control, Multi-trophic interactions, Integrated Pest Management, Parasitoids, Predators, Entomopathogens, Invasive Species. Sep 24, 2019
CV Aline Pereira da Silva Aline Silva Master degree qPCR, RNAi, dsRNA, Resistance Sep 22, 2019