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Name Education Level Keywords Last Updated
Alfred Runkel Master of Science entomology, forest entomology, forest, husbandry, insect husbandry, field technician, field tech, field, technician May 27, 2018
Dr. Fabien Demares Postdoctoral Fellow May 23, 2018
Superintendent of Mosquito Control, Hudson Regional Health Commission Gregory Williams PhD May 17, 2018
May 16, 2018
Ms. Dylan Cleary M.S. Conservation, Research, Non-profit, Entomology, Molecular, Honey bee May 3, 2018
May 1, 2018
Dr. Ahmad Mahdavi PhD Insect toxicology, environmental toxicology, ecotoxicology, pesticide regulations for developing countries, chemicals/ biocide regulations, wildlife conservation & toxicology. Apr 27, 2018
Aron Katz Ph.D. Entomology (Summer 2008) Biodiversity, Evolution, Systematics, Taxonomy, Conservation, Ecology, Biospeleology, Molecular, Phylogenetics, Identification, Morphology, Phylogeography, Biogeography, Subterranean Biology, Cave Biology, Species delimitation, Population Genetics, Field Biology, Curator, Collection Manager, Research, Phylogenomics, Natural History, Museum, Collembola, Springtails, Small Orders, Post-doc, Professor, Teacher Apr 24, 2018
Emily Kraus PhD Anticipated 2018 Integrated Pest Management, Extension, Agriculture, Biological Control, Invasive Species, Ecology, Plant Resistance, Higher Education, Biology Apr 19, 2018
Dr. Helen Spafford Ph.D. Apr 16, 2018
Austin Fife Candidate MSc Entomology, BSc Zoology Arthropod-Plant Interactions, Phyllocoptes fructiphilus, Eriophyidae, Rose Rosette Disease, Plant Pathology, Behavior, Ethology, Host Plant Resistance, Vector Biology, Arthropod Ecology, Hemiptera, Acari, Arachnology Apr 14, 2018
Research Associate Eddie Kyle Slusher Masters of Environmental Studies Integrated Pest Management, Conservation Biological Control, Blackberries, Sweet Corn, Parasitic Hymenoptera, Native Perennial Border Rows Apr 11, 2018
Mr. Ravichandran Raman M.S. in Entomology Training Director, District Manager, Apr 9, 2018
Technical Director/Trainer/Entomologist Steve Nichols Bachelor of Science Biology, minor in Chemistry Entomology, Entomologist, BCE, Technical Director, label compliance, regulatory compliance, licensed operator, licensed operator, CEU educator, manager Apr 9, 2018
Agricultural Biologist Sheena Sidhu Ph.D. Entomology Apr 5, 2018
Timothy Best Master of Science, MS Public Health Apr 4, 2018
Ms. Aria Deluna Bachelor's Degree insect identification, ecology, molecular biology, insect rearing Apr 1, 2018
Sarah Parsons PhD Candidate entomology, teaching, urban ecology, landscape design Mar 28, 2018
PhD Candidate Carolyn Trietsch PhD candidate systematics, taxonomy, biodiversity, natural history, ecology, morphology, collections management, museum, curator, curatorial, insect identification, sampling, Hymenoptera, writing, editing, communication, social media, education, outreach, insect zoo, insectarium, insect rearing, insect husbandry Mar 21, 2018
Ms. Samantha Hays Master of Science in Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences Mar 21, 2018