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Name Education Level Keywords Last Updated
Jorge Ari Noriega PhDc Aug 21, 2018
Dr. Jennifer Pechal PhD Aug 21, 2018
Vector Ecologist, Geospatial Analyst Mohamed Sallam Ph.D. Vectors of diseases, pest management, mosquito ecology and biology, species distribution models, GIS, RS, data mining, citizen science, R, Python Aug 19, 2018
Dr M. Amin JALALI PhD in Agricultural Entomology biological control, insect pest management, coccinellidae Aug 18, 2018
Ms. Colleen Evans Master's of Science, Biology Entomology Collections Management, Biodiversity Informatics, Data Management Aug 17, 2018
Cindy Preto PhD IPM, agricultural entomology, viticulture, insect virus vector, grapevine red blotch, seasonal dynamics, reproductive hosts, research, extension Aug 15, 2018
Edward E. "Tug" Passen ACE ACE, CPO, Certified Operator Aug 14, 2018
Senior Entomologist & Science Fellow Ted MacRae M.S. Entomology insect collecting, macrophotography, taxonomy, field trials, bioassays, biotechnology Aug 14, 2018
Dr. Zainab Al-Jbory PhD Recombinant protein, Western blot, Immunostaining, Protein-protein interaction, Gene cloning, cDNA library, qPCR, RNA interference, Insect’s dissection, Insect Biology Aug 8, 2018
CV 2018 Lidia Komondy MS Vector entomology, plant pathology, molecular genetics Aug 6, 2018
Lindsy Iglesias Ph.D. PhD; ecology; IPM; small fruit; vegetable; research; extension; teaching; organic production; cultural control; host plant selection; pesticide efficacy; spatial modeling Jul 31, 2018
PhD Student Dajia Ye PhD Ant Behavior Jul 30, 2018
Martine Bowombe Toko Master's degree (Biological Sciences, minor Entomology) IPM (vegetable crops and stored products); Medical Entomology Jul 28, 2018
Ms. navneet kaur Ph.D entomology, mosquitoes, Culicinae, vector control Jul 25, 2018
Devan George Master's Degree Jul 25, 2018
Molly Darr Doctorate forest, ecology, biological control, invasive Jul 23, 2018
Lecturer in Entomology Wei Xu PhD Insect olfaction, molecular biology, functional genomics, chemical ecology, Jul 23, 2018
Research Entomologist Natasha Agramonte PhD Candidate mosquitoes, repellent development, insecticide resistance, Ae. aegypti, An. gambiae, human-use studies, genetic analysis, GLP, IRB, vector-borne diseases, epidemiology Jul 21, 2018
Timothy P. Best. ACE, BCE-Intern Timothy Best Master of Science, MS Public Health Jul 19, 2018
Ms. Dylan Cleary M.S. Conservation, Research, Non-profit, Entomology, Molecular, Honey bee Jul 16, 2018