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Name Education Level Keywords Last Updated
Morgan Mackert Master of Science native bees agroecology agroecosystem bee pollination ecology Jan 22, 2020
Dr. Noureldin Ghazy PhD Acarology, Spider mites, Phytoseiid mites, Biological control, Climate change, RNAi-based pest control Jan 20, 2020
Saumik Basu CV Saumik Basu PhD Entomology, plant pathology, plant-insect-microbe and plant-insect-virus interactions, chemical ecology Jan 16, 2020
Post graduated Sara Idrees IPM, Control of Fruit Fly, Stored Grain Insect Pest. Jan 14, 2020
Mr. Oscar Mikery Dr. Sandflies, mosquitoes, chemical ecology, Wolbachia, molecular tools, taxonomy, insect rearing, trap devices, and lab bioassays Jan 14, 2020
Bruno Rossitto De Marchi PhD - Plant Protection whitefly, pest management, virus vectors, insecticide resistance, molecular biology, bioinformatics Jan 14, 2020
Technical Director PestWest USA LLC Stuart Mitchell DO, ND, PsyD, DVM, MPH, PhD Jan 13, 2020
Babu Panthi PhD candidate IPM, insect ecology, distribution, chilli thrips, berry crops Jan 13, 2020
Dr. Desmi Chandrasena Doctorate Jan 9, 2020
Drew Hopkins Graduated from Texas A&M with B.S. in Entomology Entomology, Houston, Research, Vector Surveillance, Vector, Bees, Science, Career, Jan 6, 2020
Ashley Kennedy PhD medical entomology, acarology, taxonomy, ecology, ticks, mosquitoes, planthoppers, environmental education, science policy, systematics, birds Jan 6, 2020
Dr. Boopathi Thangavel Ph.D. Biological Control, Integrated Pest Management, Fruit fly management, Host plant resistance, Insect-plant interactions Jan 6, 2020
Jaewon Kim Jan 2, 2020
Tree Frog Pest Solutions Joseph Holocheck Dec 29, 2019
Ernesto Robayo Camacho Ph.D. project manager, leadership, pest risk analysis, regulatory compliance, plant diseases, agricultural and energy crops, R&D Dec 28, 2019
retired Doug Downie PhD Evolution, Population Genetics, Plant-Insect Interactions, IPM Dec 23, 2019
President Sean Greenhow Masters in Business Administration Dec 11, 2019
Dr. Priyanka Mittapelly Ph.D. Entomologist, Molecular biologist, Insect-plant interactions, Insect-microbe interactions, Insect-vector interactions, RNA interference, metatranscriptome, metabolomics. Rearing insects, Artificial diets. Dec 10, 2019
Account Executive Andrew Lindemuth, ACE Associates Degree Entomology, Entomologist, ACE, Associate Certified Entomologist, Western Pest Services, Rollins, Pest Control, Pest Identification, Cape May, New Jersey. Dec 9, 2019
Master's Student looking for Internship or Job in Industry Victoria Deren Master's Degree pesticide, IPM, Integrated Pest Management, Mite, rearing Dec 4, 2019