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Name Education Level Keywords Last Updated
Purushottam Lomate Doctorate Plant-insect interactions Insect Biochemistry and molecular biology integrated pest management Genomics and proteomics Insect digestive physiology and regulation Insect detoxification mechanisms Plant biochemistry and defense May 2, 2016
Yan He Doctorate insect molecular biology, genomics, and proteomics May 2, 2016
Robert Lavigne Doctorate Asilidae Behavior Taxonomy May 2, 2016
Kelsey Brown Masters Aquatic, Dytiscidae, curator, database, beetles, May 2, 2016
Alexandra Morris Masters aphids greenhouse germplasm evaluation resistance screening technician research May 2, 2016
Khurram Kamboh Doctorate DNA extraction and amplification, Red Flour beetle May 2, 2016
Ben Holdridge Some College Zoology Biologist Wildlife Photography Arthropods Insects Survey Rehab Education Presentation May 2, 2016
Muhammad Ahmed Doctorate Muhammad Z Ahmed May 2, 2016
Ernesto Robayo-Camacho Doctorate Ornamental Plant Pest and Diseases, Research Project Manager, Bioenergy, Energy Crops, Biomass, Green Industry, Integrated Pest Management, Insect Biology, Plant Pathology May 2, 2016
John Bell Bachelors May 2, 2016
Farkhanda Dugal Doctorate social insects, mosquitoes termite urban pests May 2, 2016
Alfred Runkel Masters zoo, husbandry, cockroach, tarantula, insects, invertebrates May 2, 2016
Kristen Hopperstad Doctorate Aedes aegypti mosquito genetics genomics GIS landscape ecology insect rearing May 2, 2016
Steven Nichols Bachelors BCE, Entomologist, Pest Management, IPM, Experienced May 2, 2016
Anjali Prasad Doctorate Lepidoptera, Geometridae, artificial diet, rearing, nutritional ecology May 2, 2016
Hongmei Li-Byarlay Doctorate May 2, 2016
Chinenyenwa Ohia Masters Environmental Biology Molecular Medical Entomology Malaria Vectors Bioinformatics- Insect Genomes Sequencing Molecular Mechanisms of Insecticide Resistance Plasmodium-Anopheles Interaction Malarialogy Integrated vector management Environmental toxicology May 2, 2016
Ismaila Aderolu Doctorate Integrated Pest Management,Economic Entomology, Storage Entomology, Insect Genomes/Sequencing, Apiculture, Pest control/Fumigation, Forensic Entomology, Entomopathology,Environmental Biology,E-Database Management. May 2, 2016
Daniel Scott Bachelors Management Pest Management May 2, 2016
Alan Burke Doctorate Taxonomy Systematics Insect collections Digitization Insect ID Biogeography Evolution Cleridae Tillinae May 2, 2016