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Name Education Level Keywords Last Updated
Dr. Daniela Magdalena Sorger PhD Evolutionary ecology, taxonomy, behavior, citizen science, science communication, k-12 teacher collaboration, educational outreach, museum curation, insect collection, graphic design, macrophotography, videos, ants, spiders, insects Oct 26, 2017
cv and selected publications of Andreas Krüger, Research entomologist, Germany Andreas Krüger Doctorate/PhD Medical entomology, Simuliidae, Phlebotominae, Culicidae, Heteroptera, Afrotropical, taxonomy, barcoding, cytogenetics Oct 20, 2017
Dayna Collett PhD Insect rearing,field research, germplasm screening, experimental design, GMO crop traits, insect resistance, GLP, SLP, regulatory compliance, permit applications, technical writing, report writing, wheat, corn, soybean, canola, aphids, corn rootworm Oct 20, 2017
CV Elizabeth Dabek B.S. Prospective: MS/PhD Entomology, Taxonomy, Genomics, Behavior, IPM, Olfactory receptors, Collembola, Galleria mellonella, Platygastroidea, Braconidae, Apis, Outreach Oct 19, 2017
Dajia Ye Bachelor’s degree Ant Behavior Oct 19, 2017
Dr. Anthony Hanson PhD Entomology with crop breeding focus Integrated pest management, Economic entomology, Host-plant resistance, Insecticide resistance, Phenology, Predictive modeling, Experimental design, Scouting, Cold tolerance, Crop breeding, Biological control, Invasive species, Soybean aphid, Emerald ash borer, Parasitoids, Western bean cutworm, Germplasm assessment, Farm management Oct 18, 2017
Andrea Gruver B.A. entomology, plant-insect interactions, ecology, genetics Oct 15, 2017
David Schwieger Bachelor in Business Management Operations Manager, Branch Manager Associate Certified Entomologist, Trainer, Speaker, Account Manager, National Accounts Oct 14, 2017
Dr. Amanda Buchanan PhD ecology, agro-ecology, sustainable agriculture, plant-insect interactions Oct 11, 2017
Jason Thomas MSc- Entomology, Emphasis: Outreach Education Video Production, Instructional Design, Communications, Education, Multimedia, Graphic Design, Marketing, Extension, Integrated Pest Management, Entomology Sep 27, 2017
(MSc) Karmi L Oxman MSc Behavior, ecology, entomology, illustration, education, ethology, biology, honey bee, honeybee, hymenoptera, social insects, social networks, apiary management, apiculture, museums, museum studies, informal education Sep 19, 2017
Alfred Runkel Working on Master's of Science entomology, forest entomology, forest, husbandry, insect husbandry, field technician, field tech, field, technician Sep 9, 2017
Ingber - Curriculum Vitae David Ingber PhD in Entomology and Wildlife Ecology Agricultural entomology, Bt, Spodoptera, Host-strains, Oviposition, Fitness, Resistance, Evolutionary Biology, Plant-Insect Ecology, IRM, IPM Sep 8, 2017
Lori Moshman MS Entomology Biocontrol, greenhouse, organic, IPM, invasives, rearing, aquatics Sep 6, 2017
Lindsy Iglesias MS PhD; ecology; IPM; small fruit; research; extension; teaching; organic production; cultural control; host plant selection; pesticide efficacy; spatial modeling Sep 6, 2017
Curriculum Vitae Miguel Ángel Navarro-Roldán PhD Student Ecotoxicology, Chemical Ecology; Sublethal Effects, Metabolic Detoxification Aug 29, 2017
Dr. Ismaila Aderolu PhD Postdoc, Fellowship, Certificate, Top-up Aug 22, 2017
Dr. Casi Jessie PhD Biological Control; Integrated Pest Management; Coccinellidae; Chrysopidae; Agricultural Entomology Aug 14, 2017
Aug 12, 2017