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Name Education Level Keywords Last Updated
Colin Morrison Bachelors Ecologist Technician Insects Plants Tropical Curation Biodiversity Interactions Evolution Husbandry May 2, 2016
Enger German-Ramirez Masters Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Invasive insect pests, regulatory agricultural pest, Biological control, Relationship insect-plant, Insect ecology May 2, 2016
Daniel Fleming Doctorate IPM Lygus lineolaris agriculture ecology landscape polygalacturonase insect pathology Nosema PCR May 2, 2016
Christine Lynch Doctorate IPM Biological control Insect ecology and biology Insect rearing Forest entomology tephritid fruit fly parasitoids predators Regulatory entomology May 2, 2016
John Diller Masters Aquatic Entomology Culicidae Limnology Ecology SCUBA Great Lakes Education Biodiversity May 2, 2016
Brenna Decker Bachelors research pollination photography computers leader organization initiative May 2, 2016
Srijana Thapa Bachelors Lepidopterans, biological control,Insect Pest Management, IPM May 2, 2016
Brooke Merrill Bachelors Pentatomids, Fisheries, Entomology, Research, Invasives, Colony rearing, Quarantine facility, Aquatics, Michigan State University, May 2, 2016
Ruiyan Ma Doctorate May 2, 2016
Michael Ferro Doctorate systematics ecology Coleoptera teaching curator May 2, 2016
Ivan Milosavljevic Doctorate Integrated Pest Management, Applied Entomology, Taxonomy, Agriculture, Insect-Plant Interactions, Crop protection, Biological Control, Insect Ecology May 2, 2016
Kevin Ulrich Doctorate structural pests bed bugs pest control IPM urban pheromones May 2, 2016
Steven Gotham Masters insects, molecular, behavior, colony, computer, R, Veteran, Florida (Jacksonville area jobs) May 2, 2016
Meaghan Pimsler Doctorate Entomology Diptera Calliphoridae Sex determination Sexual Conflict Genomics and Transcriptomics Bioinformatics Biological statistics Forensics Molecular Biology May 2, 2016
Devon Rogers Masters May 2, 2016
Holly Ferguson Doctorate May 2, 2016
Steven Stenhouse Masters mosquitoes, Aedes, PCR, parasitology May 2, 2016
Swaminathan Raguraman Doctorate Raguraman, neem, insects, editor, azadirachta indica, entomology, insect symbionts, May 2, 2016
Jingjing Xu Doctorate pesticide development, RNA interference, bacteria express double strand RNA, insect physiology,colorado potato beetle, greenhouse operation, juvenile hormone pathway, ecdysone, insecticide resistance, molecular biology, biochemistry, protein expression and protein purification May 2, 2016
Amelia Jordan Masters field research chemical ecology native bees potato alfalfa taxonomy agronomy May 2, 2016