Lunch & Learn Professional Development Sessions

The following series of one-hour professional development classes will provide ESA Annual Meeting attendees with real “take-home” value. You’ll want to grab lunch and a seat at the following:

How to Navigate the Annual Meeting and How to Get the Most out of ESA
Sunday, Nov 13, 12:15-1:15 PM, Room D6
ESA’s Annual Meeting can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned attendee, with so much taking place in just four days. So take an hour while you eat lunch to become familiar with highlights of the meeting, get an overview of the Program Book, learn how to get around the facility and downtown Reno, and get tips from a local entomologist on where to eat and what to see (along with discounted coupons!). Also learn how to get involved and take advantage of all that ESA offers. You’ll leave this session much more informed and ready to tackle the week head-on. Presenters: Dr. Rayda Krell, Rayda K. Krell, LLC; Joy Newton, University of Nevada; Dr. Scott Hutchins, BCE, Dow AgroSciences.

Don’t Get Stung by the Media! Learn how to masterfully manage reporters and get your message out!
Sunday, Nov 13, 12:15-1:15 PM, Room D7
Let our media expert help relieve your stress when the media calls! She will share her quick tips and advice for putting a policy in place for deciding who should take the call, how you should respond, general DOs and Don’ts, and legal considerations. She will show you how to develop talking points, help you learn how to stay on point when answering questions from print and live media, and reinforce the all-important follow-through. Be prepared, be timely, and be truthful―and you’ll do fine. Presenter: Ruth Borger, Ed.D., APR, Director, Ag and Natural Resources Communications, MSU.

Why So Few?
Monday, Nov 14, 12:45-1:45 PM, Rooms C1-C4
You heard Christianne Corbett’s thought-provoking Opening Plenary keynote address on women and girls in science, technology, engineering and math. Now sit with her to learn how this affects the world of entomology and what you can do to contribute to ESA’s goal of having the leadership look like the membership in 10 years. Presenter: Ms. Christianne Corbett, SeniorResearcher, American Association of University Women.

A Conversation with International Entomology Society Presidents
Tuesday, Nov 15, 12:15-1:15 PM, Rooms D2-D3
Entomology affects every person on the planet every day, and entomologists everywhere share many common experiences, needs, successes and problems.  Our panel of International Entomology Presidents will present brief comments on the state of entomology in their countries, will share their thoughts on the future of entomology, and discuss topics of common interest to entomologists from around the world. Bring your questions for this unique opportunity to meet some of the leaders of global entomology societies.

Interviewing Strategies for the Current Job Market
Tuesday, Nov 15, 12:15-1:15 PM, Room D6
You got the call. Now learn how to market yourself and land the perfect position! The best advice is to be prepared. This session will help you learn how to plan for the interview and set yourself above the competition. Understand what skills you need to hone and what questions you should be ready to answer. Be prepared for and understand the difference between the traditional interview and a behavioral interview. You’ll leave this session feeling recharged and ready. Presenter: Dr. Scott Hutchins, BCE, Dow AgroSciences.