Bradleigh Vinson Wins Distinguished Research Medal

Prof. S. Bradleigh Vinson, Texas A&M University, has been awarded the Distinguished Research Medal of the International Society of Hymenopterists for 2012. This medal is awarded every 2-4 years by the society to a scientist that has made outstanding contributions to research on Hymenoptera, over a lifetime of work.

Among his many accomplishments, Brad is known throughout the world for his work on physiological ecology of parasitic wasps, including polydnaviruses, pheromones, various aspects of reproductive biology, tritrophic interactions between parasitoids and their host insects and host plants including host location and host acceptance, and in vitro rearing of parasitoids. His impact in all of these fields has been enormous.

In addition, Brad has conducted largely independent research programs on the ecology and biology of red imported fire ants and the field ecology of solitary bees. The research has resulted in over 535 journal articles, 87 book chapters, 11 review articles, 7 books, and numerous other publications. He has served as major advisor to 76 graduate students and 44 postdoctoral students, many of which have gone on to distinguished and successful research and teaching careers.