Daniel Young Portrayed in Children's Book

Daniel Young, a professor of entomology at the University of Wisconsin and Director of the UW Insect Research Collection, is portrayed in a new children’s book about Henri Bell (after Jean-Henri Fabre), a ten-year-old boy who can communicate with insects. The book, In Search of Goliath Hercules, was written by Jennifer Angus, a professor in the UW Design Studies department, and was published by Albert Whitman & Company.

In the book, set in the 1890's, a character called Professor Daniel Young meets Henri to discuss his unusual gift. At one point in their conversations, Professor Young even asks Heni if he might be presenting his discoveries in a paper "at the next Entomological Society of America meeting." [How's that for meeting the spirit of the "Each One Reach One" membership drive contest ... about a century ahead of the curve!]

Professor Young weaves in and out of Henri's adventures spanning several continents as young Mr. Bell is driven in pursuit of the legendary Goliathus hercules.

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