Kaufman and Donahue Receive Awards

At the 58th Annual Livestock Insect Workers Conference in San Diego, CA, June 22-25, two awards were presented to longtime ESA members in recognition of their contributions to livestock entomology.

Dr. Phil Kaufman of the University of Florida received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Veterinary Entomology, sponsored by Bayer Animal Health.

Dr. Bill Donahue of Sierra Research Laboratories, Modesto, CA, was presented the Industry Appreciation Award, recognizing his support of veterinary entomology.

Pictured along with this year’s awardees are previous award recipients Ron Byford, Fred Knapp, Phil Kaufman, Don Rutz, Nancy Hinkle, Brad Mullens, Jerry Hogsette, Bill Clymer and Bill Donahue (Photographer: Kim Hung).