Membership Campaign

Strengthen Your Society, Share its Benefits, and Be Rewarded!

Imagine what we could accomplish, the connections we could make, and how powerful our meetings could be if more of the entomological community were members of ESA. Help us to continue to build and strengthen the ESA colony. Together we can make a lasting difference around the world - furthering the study of insect science through the connections and collaborations the Society fosters.

Help us recruit new ESA members by telling your friends or colleagues how you've benefited from membership, like publishing for free in ESA subscription journals, networking, or presenting at ESA's meetings. Share your experience and earn a chance to win a $300 AMEX gift card!

Here's How You Can Help:

  1. Recruit a new member to join ESA. One great way to recruit is by sharing other ESA members' testimonials or submitting your own.
  2. When they join ESA, remind them to enter your name and email address on their application.
  3. We send you a thank you letter and gift for your first referral, and each referral equals one entry in the drawing for the grand prize, a $300 AMEX gift card. Plus, the Branch with the greatest percentage of growth in new members will win a $500 coffee break at their 2019 Branch Meeting!

So Begin Recruiting Today

The 2018 Membership Contest Ends November 1, 2018.

Official Campaign Details: All new memberships run from January 1 - Dec. 31, 2018. New members recruited must not have been an ESA member for 12 months prior to joining during this campaign. It is the responsibility of the recruiter to be sure the email used by the new member is in his/her ESA database record so that recruitment ‘points’ can be applied. Only ESA members are eligible to recruit and win. Contest closes November 1, 2018. The more members recruited, the more chances each recruiter has to win the grand prize. Each recruiter receives one gift with ESA logo.