Why ESA?

Some members join to publish their research for free. Others join and renew to stay current with that same research, or to have opportunities to present their own research at ESA meetings. And all members benefit from building networks with others from around the globe.

Share your reasons for maintaining your ESA membership. 

"ESA is a dynamic, collaborative, and pivotal organization for the advancement of entomology around the world. It affords its members, especially its early career professionals, opportunities to become engaged in leadership, to maximize their professional development, and to network with established leaders in the field. The ESA Annual Meeting is a must for young entomologists to keep up on the latest research, find new jobs, and to build their CV. I cannot recommend joining ESA more highly."

Dr. Rob Morrison
Research Entomologist, USDA-ARS Center for Animal Health and Grain Research, ESA member since 2010

"ESA's connections can help you find jobs in a tough world. During ICE 2016, through ESA, I was able to meet a USDA entomologist in person who was impressed with some of the stuff I was doing at ESA (organizing symposia, awards, volunteering, etc.), which helped me later during an phone interview with him (and his colleagues), and assisted greatly with my ultimate acquisition of the position"

Derek A. Woller
Ph.D. Candidate, Song Laboratory of Insect Systematics and Evolution, Texas A&M University
Entomologist, Rangeland Grasshopper and Mormon Cricket Management Team, USDA: APHIS, PPQ, CPHST - Phoenix Lab

"ESA has been an integral part of my career preparation and professional development. The society not only provides the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies, meet the scientists behind the work, and present my own research, but the society also provides many opportunities to become involved in committees, journals, and leadership positions even while a student and early career professional. These opportunities have helped me develop necessary skills while opening doors for networking, collaborations, mentorship and lasting friendships."

Dr. Tamra Reall
Horticulture Specialist, University of Missouri Extension, ESA member since 2010

"When I first joined ESA, I had no idea what the Society had to offer! Twenty years later, I know the reason I renew each year is because the Society provides me endless opportunities to network and grow as a professional."

Dr. Patricia Prasifka
Dow AgroSciences, ESA member since 1996

"Why did I join ESA?  I was a graduate student at the time, and I joined ESA because entomologists I respected were members and invited me to join.  Why have I stayed?  Simply put, ESA is our professional organization - for meetings, publications, staying connected - and where the culture of entomology resides and evolves."

Dr. David Hogg
University of Wisconsin, ESA member since 1976

"I joined because it was my obligation to support the national society. I still am a member because (1) ESA publishes high-quality journals that come with my dues with reduced rates for publishing research, and (2) the meetings offer the opportunity to learn of recent advances in all areas of entomology and the chance to meet new colleagues and renew old friendships, the latter which seem to grow almost geometrically."

Dr. J. E. McPherson
Southern Illinois University, ESA member since 1966

"Being a member of ESA has raised the bar for me in every professional way. It not only keeps me up to date on all of the latest research, but also keeps me in the loop on pest control industry awareness. It is not only a pleasure to be an ESA member and ACE but also an honor."

Linda Prentice, ACE
Bug-Out Service
Flagler Beach, FL, ESA member since 2007

"Membership in ESA has enhanced my career. ESA journals have provided an international audience for my research in regulatory entomology. ESA provides aspiring young scientists with an introduction to a branch of science that is unique and diverse in specializations."

Dr. Vicki Yokoyama
 ESA member since 1974

"I like to come to the ESA Annual Meeting because it's the biggest entomology meeting in the world. It's definitely worth the money to come to a meeting with such a large, diverse, high-quality group of researchers."

Dr. Stephen Cameron
Queensland University of Technology Biogeosciences, Australia, ESA member since 2004

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