MS/ Ph.D. Positions Available in sensory biology and neurogenetics of insect olfaction

MS/ Ph.D. Positions Available (for immediate start)

Our group is looking for graduate students interested in pursuing Master and/or Ph.D. degree in sensory biology of insect pests and vectors of disease. Using neurophysiology and chemical ecology (Scheidler et al., 2015, Sullivan et al., 2014), molecular evolution (Hickner et al., 2016), biochemistry and circadian biology (Rund et al., 2013), and chemo-evolutionary methods (Reidenbach et al., 2014) we explore what do insect smell, and how? And we aim to extend this basic understanding to develop novel management strategies (Syed, 2015).

Candidates with interest and background in chemical ecology, molecular biology or neurogenetics, and bioinformatics are encouraged to apply. Our lab is fully equipped with tools and techniques to collect, isolate and identify odors using GC-MS and GC-electrophysiological measurements (like GC-EAD and GC-SSR); clone, heterologously express and functionally characterize insect olfactory receptors; measure and quantify behavior by olfactometers, wind tunnels equipped with Noldus’ EthoVision and The Observer. The University of Kentucky offers exceptional facilities for imaging, microscopy, genomics and proteomics. Besides the colleagues within the Entomology department, we also collaborate with colleagues from the vibrant department of biology (Doug Harrison, Catherine Linnen) and the medical college (Tim McClintock, Brian Stevenson). Please direct your inquiries with CV, synopsis of research experience, and the contact details of three referees to

Zain SYED, PhD
Department of Entomology
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40546.
Phone: 859-257-5142


Hickner, P. V., Rivaldi, C. L., Johnson, C. M., Siddappaji, M., Raster, G. J. & Syed, Z. (2016). BMC genomics 17, 648.
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Scheidler, N. H., Liu, C., Hamby, K. A., Zalom, F. G. & Syed, Z. (2015). Scientific Reports 5.
Sullivan, G. A., Liu, C. & Syed, Z. (2014). Infection Genetics and Evolution 28, 735-743.
Syed, Z. (2015). Current Opinion in Insect Science 10, 83-89.

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60 Days
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University of Kentucky - Lexington
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Zain Syed
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