MUVE Awards Eight Student Research Grants

In the interest of promoting student research and involvement with ESA, MUVE is pleased to announce that the Section has awarded eight student research grants of $700 each.  We received 40 applications, which we assigned to three Section interest areas: medical (18 proposals), urban (14), and veterinary entomology (8 proposals). The quality of the proposals overall was excellent, and we decided to increase the number of awards from the original target of 5 to 8 awards.   To select the awardees, the eight members of the MUVE governing council were asked to rank the top five proposals in each of the three interest areas. The scores were then totaled, and 3 proposals were selected for funding in both the medical and urban areas and two from the veterinary entomology group.  The proposals that were funded are provided below.  Congratulations to the awardees, and thanks to all who participated in this pilot student research grant program.


Student name


Ttitle of project

Dagne Duguma Demisse

UC Riverside Dept.of Entomology

Effects of the biorational agent Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. israelensis (Bti) on microbial communities associated with mosquito habitats

Samantha Young

Pittsburg State University

Ecology and potential Canine Visceral Leishmaniasis (CVL) vectoring capability of a newly discovered sand fly (Lutzomyia shannoni) population in Kansas (Diptera: Psychodidae). 

Chelsea Wright

Old Dominion University

 Interaction between R. parkeri and Candidatus R. andeanae in their natural vector, A. maculatum.

Chinmay Tikhe

Department of Entomology, LSU

Paratransgenesis for termite control

Paul Botch

University of Missouri

Using microsatellites to examine subterranean termite (Isoptera: Reticulitermes) invasions in subdivisions by comparing breeding structure among colonies

Clemson University

Clemson University

Adult transport in the Asian needle ant, Pachycondyla chinensis

Amanda Eiden

University of Florida

Determination of target site resistance mechanisms in pyrethroid and fipronil resistant brown dog ticks

Erika Machtinger

University of Florida

Effect of colonization on searching behavior of Spalangia cameroni