Urban Entomology Initiatives

Below are the current initiatives and objectives for urban entomology. If you are interested in getting involved in one or more of these projects, please contact one of the leads for more information. 

Initiative Leads:  Jennifer Gordon and Sydney Crawley
Stakeholders: Everyone- urban/structural pests have to potential to touch everyone’s lives


Amplify awareness, appreciation and interest in the public health importance of urban insects

  • Urban pests affect everyone, so it is an easy way to foster interest in urban entomology and entomology in general
  • Recruit new cohort of young urban entomologists

Provide training information for food safety

  • Structural pest transmission of pathogens
  • Research proving passive transmission of pathogens
  • Create network for professionals working in food safety
  • Advise policy around importation and globalization of food

Identify and expand funding opportunities for urban entomology

  • Prevent loss of urban positions at universities
  • Foster opportunities for young urban professionals (grad students)
  • Create academic positions (research and extension professors)
  • Provide funds for research

Improve pest management strategies in low-income communities

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