Veterinary Entomology Initiatives

Below are the current initiatives and objectives for veterinary entomology. If you are interested in getting involved in one or more of these projects, please contact one of the leads for more information. 

Increase taxonomic and pest management training opportunities for veterinary entomologists (particularly ECPs)

Leads: Alec Gerry and Amy Murillo
  • Activity: Facilitate access to suitable training courses
    • Identify currently available training courses in the U.S. and facilitate discovery of these courses by MUVE members through creation of a “training opportunities” landing page on the ESA-MUVE website.
    • Determine gaps in training needs and facilitate development of new training courses developed by MUVE members to fill these gaps.
  • Activity: Develop a resource sharing library for on-line pictorial insect keys
    • Identify currently available online insect ID keys
    • Determine suitable method to share keys through ESA-MUVE website

Organize resource library for laboratory protocols 

Leads: Dana Nayduch and Annie Rich
  • To be inclusive of the various types of protocols that laboratories use, and to generate a sufficient resource library, we will be soliciting submissions to either or to the Journal of Insect Science:
    • From their web page “'s editor gives you a structured way to create and modify your protocols in minutes. Make them from scratch or upload and convert your existing Word/PDF documents quickly and easily.” This tool lets users enter protocols which will be housed at the site and assigned a doi that will allow for future referencing in papers, project, grants, etc. The service is free. This option is most applicable to protocols which do not warrant a publication or that the author does not wish to publish (possible examples: rearing protocols, media and solution recipes/preparation, very specific/short protocols, etc.).
      • Those who would like to help out with the pilot testing of should upload a few of protocols using the platform, then send the link to Dana Nayduch and Annie Rich. They will review and work with you on a final format. The goal is to generate a few protocols in this platform that can be shared with MUVE members as part of the pilot run (to hopefully solicit more submissions!).
    • Journal of Insect Science. The second option applies to protocols or methods papers that are worthy of publication. The Journal of Insect Science welcomes a guest editor to solicit and organize protocols for a special collection that will be featured in JIS. As with other publications, the papers will be peer reviewed; however there will be reduced publication costs. Because JIS is open access online, there will be opportunities to include multimedia files at no additional cost. Having a guest editor would reduce the burden on the journal in soliciting submissions, organizing them, and finding reviewers while providing the editor an opportunity to organize protocols under an umbrella/topic of their choosing (e.g., Genetically Modified Insects, Insecticide Bioassays, Larval Collections in the Field, etc.). 
      • Anyone interested in serving as a guest editor for this collection please contact Dana Nayduch and Lisa Junker, ESA Director of Publications, for more information.  

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