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Graduate Student Assistantship

A new Ph. D. student position is opening at the IFAS/UF North Florida Research and Extension Center in Quincy, FL to work with Dr. Xavier Martini and Dr. Mathews Paret on rose rosette virus and its vector the eriophyid mite Phyllocoptes fructiphilus.

Florida is the largest producer of roses in the U.S with a value of >$30 million. Rose rosette disease (RRD), that is caused by the Rose rosette virus (RRV), is the most economically important disease of rose production in the U.S. RRD causes foliar mosaic and mottling, flower and leaf malformation, excessive thorniness, increase in lateral shoot formation, young shoot reddening, and plant death.

The graduate student will study the use of systemic acquired resistance inducer in synergy with predatory mites to control the spread of the disease. The student will also investigate plant, vector, and virus interactions as well as the changes in rose physiology due to RRV infection and systemic acquired resistance inducer.

The student will graduate with the Entomology and Nematology Department of the University of Florida. The candidate is expected to start in summer 2018. The position will be located at the North Florida Research and Education Center in Quincy, FL, which is located 2h from the main UF campus in Gainesville and 15 min from the State Capital Tallahassee. The project will be conducted in close collaboration with the University of Georgia (Griffin Station, and main campus in Athens) and Oklahoma State University.

A competitive stipend with a tuition waiver will be provided to the successful applicant.

Required skills: Masters in applied entomology (or related field), preferably with experience and training relevant to IPM. An educational background and/or work experience in plant physiology, horticulture, plant pathology is desirable.

Preferred skills: Experience working with eriophyid mites and/or with molecular technics (DNA extraction and qPCR) is desirable.

Send your application to with a curriculum vitae and a letter of intent. In addition, provide contact information of three professional references that could send letter of recommendation to support your application.

Deadline for submitting application is October 13, 2017.

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60 Days
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University of Florida
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Xavier Martini
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