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February Newsletter from NCB President Andy Michel

VP Elect: Dr. Mary Gardiner The Ohio State University
Member-at-Large (ECP): Dr. Kayla Perry The Ohio State University
SAC Chair Elect: Hannah Quellhorst, Kansas State University

Thank you to all our nominations and to everyone that voted. I glad to see that  the NCB will be well-represented in the future!

VOTING FOR PROPOSED CHANGES TO CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS. This month, I thought I would start with some important changes that the Executive Committee proposed to update our constitution and by-laws.  We have developed a total of 11 modifications, which can be viewed online. Voting will occur at our preliminary business meeting, at 7:30-8:15 AM in the Crystal Room. Since the EC unanimously supported these modifications, we require a four-fifths vote of the members present at one business meeting.  There will be 2 ways to vote: 1) if you agree to all modifications, you can sign your approval on the “omnibus” ballot. 2) If you approve of some, but not all, changes, you should sign each individual ballot sheet.  Our ballots will mimic sign-up sheets to add you name, signature, and whether you approve or disapprove.  We will have a few paper copies available during the meeting, but please review these proposed modifications before our meeting. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE TO CAST YOUR BALLOT FOR THESE CHANGES!

ONLINE PROGRAM AVAILABLE. If you have not checked out the online program for our upcoming meeting, it is now available. Note that some of our traditional activities have been changed. For example, we will not have our traditional awards lunch on Tuesday, but instead will hold a joint awards dinner on Tuesday night.  And, if you are in our student competition, make sure you check your presentation times—you may be presenting on a Sunday!

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR AWARD WINNERS! After a tough deliberation, we have determined our award winners! Thank you to our awards committees for their hard work.

Honorary Awards:
NCB Award of Merit:  Dr. Gary Brewer (University of Nebraska)
NCB CV Riley Award:  Dr. Bob Wright (University of Nebraska)

Professional Awards:
NCB Award of Excellence in Integrated Pest Management:  Dr. Bill Hutchison  University of Minnesota)
NCB Distinguished Achievement Award in Extension:  Dr. Chris DiFonzo (Michigan State University)
NCB Distinguished Award in Teaching:  Dr. Shannon Murphy (University of Denver)
NCB Legacy Contribution Award:  Dr. Daniel Potter (University of Kentucky)

NCB Early Career Professional Award:  Dr. Brock Harpur (Purdue University)
NCB Graduate Student Scholarship: Kelsey Fisher (Iowa State University)
NCB J.H. Comstock Award: Dr. Débora Montezano (University of Nebraska)

Board Certified Entomologist Award:  Dr. Erin Hodsgon (Iowa State University) and Dr. Chris DiFonzo (Michigan State University)

INSECT PHOTO SALON SUBMISSIONS. Please view the PDF for instructions on how to submit entries to our upcoming photo salon.  Please email Tom Myers for more information.  

LINNEAEN GAMES STILL NEEDS YOUR QUESTIONS!  Over the course of the games at the branch meeting, we may go through over 100 questions that the branch has to provide.  If you would like to submit questions, please send them to Dan Young and Deane Jorgenson.






Andy Michel
NCB President, 2019-2020

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