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December Newsletter from NCB President Bill Ravlin

Happy Holidays! 

Welcome back from Vancouver; a great location and a great meeting. On the home front, North Central Branch committees have been diligently working behind the scenes preparing for the 2019 meeting in Cincinnati. Not all the data are in, but Jen Pechal (Program Chair) tells me we’ll have a record number of symposia with 16 submissions and many papers and posters are on the way. Thanks to all the folks who have or plan to contribute! In addition, local arrangements co-chairs, Josh Benoit and Andrew Rosendale, have done a great job in working with the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati.  It should be an excellent venue.

Registration is open and a number of folks have already registered.  Please keep in mind; early bird registration ends February 15. Below is the link to make this even easier and to stay on top of program updates and activities.

Linnaean Games Preparation:

The deadline for signing up Linnaean teams to compete at the 2019 NBC-ESA meeting will be Monday, 7 January 2019. The competition will be limited to a maximum of 10 teams.  The first team from each university will be given priority, but an additional team from a given university could be considered toward the deadline if it is helpful in filling out a 10-team slate. Departments wishing to submit a team should contact Daniel Young. Please provide Dan with: (1) names of up to four team members, (2) up to two alternates, and (3) the coach name(s) by Monday, 7 January 2019. 

As began in 2017, the Linnaean Games Committee is requesting the coach(es) for each registered team to submit a [16] toss-up question set for the games. Questions will be sorted and randomized so that no team receives a question they submitted. Question sets should be sent to Dan Young for vetting any time after the team has been entered, but not later than Monday, Monday, 17 January 2019.  Once vetted, questions will be aggregated and randomized by NCB Linnaean Games Master Extraordinaire, Deane Jorgenson.

Photographer Needed:

We are looking for a branch member with strong photographic skills, and good equipment for indoor photography, to volunteer as our meeting photographer for the Cincinnati meeting. We especially need images of the awards and recognition presentations and some “action shots” as the meeting progresses. If you would like to help and have the expertise and equipment, please contact me (

Meeting Activities of Special Note: 

  • Sunday, March 17 - Welcome Reception, Linnaean Games, Triplehorn Challenge
  • Monday, March 18 - Photo Salon, Linnaean Games Final, Early Career Professional Networking, Student Mixer
  • Tuesday, March 19 - Awards Luncheon
  • Wednesday, March 20 - Final Business Meeting

Meeting Deadlines Currently Underway:

Please join us for the 74th Annual Meeting of the North Central Branch of the Entomological Society of America taking place March 17-20, 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

See you there!

Bill Ravlin
NCB ESA President 2018-19

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