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January Newsletter from NCB President Bill Ravlin

Happy 2019 North Central Entomologists! The 2019 North Central Branch meeting is progressing very well with all of our committees doing an excellent job of planning and organizing events and sessions. Cincinnati will be here before we know it!

Registration is, of course, open with early bird registration ending February 15. Below is the link to make it easy to stay on top of program updates and activities.

Special thanks go to those members who submitted: symposia (14), regular papers (3 sessions with 26 presentations), regular posters (27), and the student competition (69 papers and 29 posters).  Other highlights of the program include: the Sunday evening Welcome Reception; the Student Mixer; the Early Career Professional networking event; and a visit to the Cincinnati Zoo featuring their highly acclaimed arthropod exhibit. Special thanks go to Josh Benoit and Andrew Rosendale for working with the Zoo.  

We also have two special communication events planned: “Better Science Through Storytelling” presented by ESA President Bob Peterson and “Niche Specialization: Communicating Science to Targeted Audiences” organized by the Early Career Professionals. And, of course, Tom Myers will host the annual Photo Salon.

I want to encourage you to include the Linnaean Games in your meeting plans.  As you know, the North Central Branch has historically had excellent teams and this year promises to be no exception with a 10-team field competing for the NCB Crown and hopefully the National ESA title!

Still another addition to the 2019 meeting will be a “Late Breaking Poster” session for those members (general or student) who had a change in plans or who want to have another opportunity to engage the science community.  Please submit abstracts for the “Late Breaking” session by 11:59 am, February 28, 2019.

The Hyatt Regency Cincinnati promises to be an excellent venue with great access to restaurants, the Cincinnati Zoo, and the aquarium for the off-hours.

MODERATORS AND JUDGES NEEDED:  We still have openings for session moderators and competition judges. These are critical roles to play for scientific meetings and are an easy way for members to contribute to the meeting and gain service experience. If you would like to serve, you can sign up during the registration process or by contacting Program Chairperson, Jen Pechal.

PHOTOGRAPHER NEEDED: We are still looking for a branch member with strong photographic skills and good equipment for indoor photography, to serve as our meeting photographer for the Cincinnati meeting. We especially need images of the awards and recognition presentations and some “action shots” as the meeting progresses. If you would like to help and have the expertise and equipment, please contact me.


  • Sunday, March 17 - Welcome Reception; Communication Event: Better Science Through Storytelling; Linnaean Games
  • Monday, March 18 – Communication Event: Niche Specialization: Communicating Science to Targeted Audiences; Student Mixer; Photo Salon; Linnaean Games Final; Early Career Professional Networking
  • Tuesday, March 19 – Awards Luncheon; Student Affairs Committee
  • Wednesday, March 20 – Final Business Meeting


  • Integrated Approaches to Understanding and Improving Bee Health 
  • Monitoring, Mitigation, and Miticide: What IPM Strategies Improve Honey Bee and Native Bee Health?
  • Linking Genes to Behavior: Expanding the Targets for Behaviorally-Based Management of Insects
  • The Mutual Benefits of Connecting Scientists to Teachers and Schools (NCB ESA Communication Event)
  • Niche Specialization: Communicating Science to Targeted Audiences
  • Emerging Crop Pests in the North Central Branch
  • Insect Herbivory and the Plant Microbiome
  • Insects, Microbes and Decomposition
  • Global Food Security in an Era of Climate Uncertainty: Opportunities for Entomologists
  • Taking a Step Back: Looking to Basic Biology and Behavior to Better Inform Pest Management
  • Entomological Research and Technological Innovation
  • Insect Resistance: Challenges to Current Technologies
  • Pollinators and Biological Control: Overlap and Reciprocal Insights
  • Hemp: A New Frontier for Entomology

Last, but not least – President-elect Andy Michel mentioned that it’s not too early to get the joint North Central/Southwestern branch meeting on your calendar:

Joint North Central Branch and Southwestern Branch
March 15-18, 2020, Oklahoma City, OK
The Skirvin Hilton Oklahoma City

PLEASE JOIN US for the 74th Annual Meeting of the North Central Branch of the Entomological Society of America taking place March 17-20, 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

See you there!

Bill Ravlin
NCB ESA President 2018-19

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