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September Newsletter from NCB President Andy Michel

NCB-ESA BUDGET UPDATE. In last month’s newsletter, we provided information on the NCB’s finances, specifically that the NCB lost an average of $17,000 per year since 2016 from our Annual Meeting. In order to have an exciting and productive joint NCB/SWB Annual Meeting in 2020, the NCB Executive Committee are recommending the following changes to be more fiscally conservative:

  1. Increase NCB Annual Meeting registration to $295 for regular members and $85 for student members.Registration rates for NCB and most Branch meetings has been relatively flat for many years. This increase better reflects the rising costs of accommodations, food, and A/V expenses for our annual meeting.
  2. Decrease the Excellence in Early Career Award, John Henry Comstock Award, and the Graduate Student Scholarships to $500 each. We value the contributions of our early career professionals and graduate students, and, despite the decrease, the monetary values remain high.
  3. Decrease Linnaean Games team support to $1,000 per team. NCB will match the $1,000 that ESA provides to the 1st and 2nd place winners of the LG teams for a total of $2,000 per team for travel costs to the ESA Annual Meeting.
  4. Remove the NCB student travel scholarships. Since 2012, NCB provided travel scholarships (~$200 per student) to reinvest resources back to NCB students during a time of healthier finances. While successful (about $33,400 was awarded to 167 students), NCB can no longer provide these scholarships. I have encouraged NCB Entomology departments to consider providing scholarships to their students and help with travel costs.
  5. Reduce the student oral/poster competition awards to $200 for 1st place, $100 for 2nd place, and $50 for 3rd place. A slight reduction in the amounts will allow us to retain a 3rd place prize, and ensure this important competition remains a vital part of our program.

With these changes, our budget projections predict the NCB to break even and meet our financial goal for 2020. Nonetheless, our expectations are that NCB members will still enjoy an annual meeting where they can connect with colleagues, collaborate with innovative researchers, and compete for awards. Our joint meeting with the SWB will provide additional opportunities to expand our impact of NCB entomology. Please send me an email ( with any question, concerns or ideas for our 2020 meeting.

NCB-SWB JOINT MEETING PLANNING. The call for symposia will begin soon! Have you contacted a SWB colleague yet to plan a symposium? If so, get ready to submit your information to our program chair, Kelley Tilmon ( If not—what are you waiting for?   

ESA ANNUAL MEETING. Early-bird registration ends on Sept 23! View rates and register online.

CONSTITUTION CORNER. In case you missed it, Becky Anthony from ESA has placed our proposed changes on our website at We will be voting in person at the Annual Meeting to approve these changes. If there are additional changes or proposals, please let me know! 

Andy Michel
NCB President, 2019-2020

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