DEI P-IE Undergraduate Student in STEM Travel Award

An Award for Travel to a 2022 ESA Branch Meeting for undergraduate students in STEM who are part of an under-represented group

Sponsored by Plant-Insect Ecosystem Section of the ESA

The Plant-Insect Ecosystem (P-IE) Section of the Entomological Society of America consists of 2,600 members interested in the science of insects and mites inhabiting plant communities. With this travel award, the P-IE Section aims to increase the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) engagement of under-represented undergraduates who are interested in insects.

Eligibility Criteria
Undergraduate students enrolled in colleges in Canada, Mexico, and the United States and who are underrepresented in STEM,—including women, persons with disabilities, individuals who are Black, Hispanic, AAPI, American Indian or Alaska Native, as well as anyone else who identifies as underrepresented—are encouraged to apply. If you do not belong to one of these groups but feel you are part of a different group under-represented in STEM, we welcome your application along with a description of your status within STEM.

Application Requirements

  1. A one- to two-page document describing your educational background, your interest in arthropods (insects, mite, etc.) in plant communities, and your plans for the future.
  2. A one-page letter from your mentor (professor, lecturer, or postdoctoral researcher) discussing your educational and research activities.

Submission Process

Step 1 Submit your application here

Step 2 - Provide the UPLOAD LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION link to your mentor.  All letters need to be submitted by the deadline date.


All files need to be submitted by December 7, 2021

Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed by the Governing Council of the P-IE Section. One winner will be selected and given free registration, transportation, lodging, and meals to attend an ESA Branch Meeting in 2022. The winner will also receive a free ESA membership for one year and membership in P-IE.  A senior member of that Branch (and our Section) will serve as the winner’s mentor during the meeting.

Branch Meetings are considered the best way for young or aspiring scientists to become familiar with the Entomological Society of America.


Contact Melissa Siebert with any questions.