P-IE Section Initiatives

According to the ESA Bylaws, the ESA Sections are empowered and charged with developing and implementing the "key capabilities for their membership that result in: outreach related to science and public policy, program development, continuing education, and fostering interest in entomology." This page highlights efforts made toward achieving those goals.

To provide leadership for enhanced education and outreach related to science and public policy, P-IE selected Pollinators and Pollination as their current science policy focus and formed the P-IE Pollinator Committee. The committee’s goals are to:

  1. By the end of 2017, enhance knowledge of P-IE members on pollinator protection through the development and dissemination of technical educational materials, including educational videos, PowerPoint modules, and a resource library.
  2. By the end of the decade, P-IE will become the lead national expert organization for the dissemination of knowledge on pollinators to the general public, media, and policymakers.

In 2017, two initiative activities included the Pollinator Video Contest and the Science Policy Field Tour