P-IE Pollinator Video Contest

ESA’s P-IE Section’s Pollinator Video Competition 

The P-IE Pollinator Video Contest provides opportunities to P-IE members to develop quality YouTube videos on specific topics and compete for prizes. Videos can be developed individually by a P-IE member, or as part of a team where at least one individual is a P-IE member. 

Pollinator Research Program Highlight videos must showcase current research focused on the biology, ecology, and or behavior of pollinators or that address pollinator health issues. These videos are excellent opportunities for students and faculty to share their research and the significance of their programs to the broader scientific community.

Watch the 2019 Winning Videos:

Watch the 2017 Winning Videos:

Watch the 2017 Honorable Mention Videos:

Contest videos will be used by P-IE for increasing awareness about pollinators and pollinator-related issues. 

P-IE Pollinator Video Contest Guidelines

Eligibility Criteria:
  1. At least one producer must be an ESA P-IE member - Student, Student Transition, Early Career Professional, Regular, Honorary, or Emeritus. 
  2. Videos must be new - created after November 2018. 
Video Creation Rules:
  1. Videos should address any one (or subset) of the topics listed above.
  2. Videos should not include any reference to ESA or P-IE.
  3. Videos should not be available to a public domain until the end of the contest. 
  4. Pollinator Research Program Highlight videos must (a) indicate the institution where the research is being conducted, (b) credit funding sources, (c) showcase current research related to the biology, ecology, and or behavior of pollinators and or that address pollinator health issues.
  5. Videos should include a proper scientific reference cited section, which should also be included in the video description. Information should be obtained from valid literature resources (i.e. not Wikipedia).
  6. Videos should include a Credits section listing contributors (i.e. John Doe as Videographer, Jane Deer as Graphics Design, Mary Joe as Screenwriter, etc.).
Evaluation Criteria:

Video entries to be judged by the P-IE Pollinator Committee will be evaluated on:

Criteria Scoring
Generality and importance of topic 10 points
Compelling storyline 15 points
Ease of understanding by a broad audience 15 points
Accuracy of pollinator content with current references 30 points
Quality of the video (sound, picture, transitions) 30 points
Total 100 points

For questions related to the contest, send an email to pievideocontest@gmail.com.

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