P-IE Section Video Contest Submission

The P-IE Pollinator Video Contest provides opportunities to P-IE members to develop quality YouTube videos on specific topics, and compete for prizes. Videos can be developed individually by a P-IE member, or as part of a team where at least one individual is a P-IE member. Find details on the contest here and use the form below to submit your entry. The deadline for submission of videos to the P-IE Pollinator Video Contest is October 25, 2019.

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By typing your name in the box below, you certify, on behalf of all producers listed above that: • The video submitted with this contest application was prepared after November 1, 2016. • You and other producers are the sole creators of the video submitted here, and have the rights to use all graphics, audio, and other creative materials used in the video. • The P-IE Pollinator Committee can host and share the video at any time. • All creators/producers of the video are aware of the submission of the video to the P-IE Pollinator Video Competition, and will split the prize as determined prior to the submission of the video.