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Vote Science Strong

Entomology is central to many of the challenges facing our national and global communities. As a non-partisan organization, we strongly encourage entomologists to participate in public policy and civic engagement. Urging elected officials to prioritize scientific research into policy-making is important to ensuring entomologists are part of the solution to the issues that threaten public health, economic prosperity, and national security. Below you will find ways to register to vote and to make sure your registration is still active. There are also ways to find out what’s on your local ballot as well as to engage on social media and through town halls. Thank you to Research!America for initiating the #VoteScienceStrong campaign to get voters and candidates involved in a conversation around the importance of science.

Voter Registration Resources

Voter Information Resources

Ways to Engage via Twitter

  • Find who is on the ballot in your state and district, and then find their Twitter handles:
  • Follow and retweet posts on the #VoteScienceStrong hashtag on Twitter.
  • Use the images below to accompany your own social media posts. (Right click each thumbnail and choose "save as..." to download a full-size version.)

Vote Science StrongVote Science StrongVote Science StrongVote Science Strong

Entomology Draft Tweets

  • A changing climate will increase the migration of invasive species that pose threats to our public health, agricultural future, and threaten insect biodiversity. [insert candidate twitter handle here]: What steps will you take to help mitigate these issues? #EntVocate20 #VoteScienceStrong
  • Between 2004 and 2016, reported human disease cases in the US resulting from arthropod bites – primarily ticks and mosquitoes – tripled. [insert candidate twitter handle here]: How can we reduce the threat posed by diseases spread by ticks and mosquitoes? #EntVocate20 #VoteScienceStrong
  • Integrated Pest Mgmt uses insecticides judiciously to create a healthier environment for everyone, whether on farms, in schools and hospitals, or in the home. [insert candidate twitter handle here] Support for is critical to #IPM education and research. #EntVocate20 #VoteScienceStrong

General STEM Draft Tweets from #VoteScienceStrong

  • 86% of Americans think basic research is necessary and should be supported by the federal government.  [insert candidate twitter handle here] What will you do to strengthen investment in basic research? #EntVocate20 #VoteScienceStrong 
  • It is critical to invest in our research institutions so scientific progress isn’t stymied by #COVID19. [insert candidate twitter handle here]: What will you do to advance scientific research so we can bounce back even stronger? #EntVocate20 #VoteScienceStrong
  • What must the U.S. do to remain a global leader of scientific innovation with other nations rapidly increasing their investments, [insert candidate twitter handle here]? #EntVocate20 #VoteScienceStrong
  • 88% say it is important that the President and Congress assign a high priority to putting science, technology, and engineering to work to strengthen our nation’s infrastructure. [insert candidate twitter handle here]: What do you think? #EntVocate20 #VoteScienceStrong
  • More than 70% of Americans say that candidates for elected office should have a science advisor. [Insert candidate twitter handle here]: How will you use the expertise of scientists to inform your policy decisions? #EntVocate20 #VoteScienceStrong

Ways to Engage via Virtual Town Halls

  • Find local virtual town hall events hosted by those campaigning in your state through their campaign websites or through this site:

Attend town hall prepared with questions for candidates.  Some suggestions if you aren’t sure what to ask:

  • The U.S. has long been considered a leader in innovation. However, our spending on R&D as a share of our GDP is less than in other industrial countries. Also, China’s R&D investment grew four times faster than in the U.S. (17% vs. 4.7% from 2010-2017). What will you do to ensure the U.S. maintains its role as the global leader in innovation?
  • A large majority of Americans believe elected officials should listen to scientists. How will you use the knowledge of these experts to inform your policy decisions?
  • Much scientific research unrelated to COVID-19 has been disrupted or halted due to our nation’s response to the pandemic and because of social distancing. What is your plan to bring our nation’s scientific research back online and prioritized for this generation and next?
  • 80% of Americans say it's important for the federal government to incentivize private sector investment in science and technology R&D. How will you support the role of the private sector?
  • Public health officials warn we need to work more closely with countries around the globe to prevent and contain future pandemics. How will your work support the U.S. role in global health?
  • Foreign-born scientists make up a third of our nation’s scientific workforce and are critical to its functioning. What is your position on immigration and work visas for students and professionals in the STEM fields?