Post-doc in Plant-Pollinator Interactions

Description:  An opportunity in entomology research is available with the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in Fargo, North Dakota. Research will focus on plant-pollinator interactions in wild and cultivated Asteraceae, including sunflowers (Helianthus spp.) and Silphium spp. Possible areas of investigation include modeling pollinator responses to specific plant traits, investigating the (plant or insect) genetic basis of pollinator preference, or other topics appropriate to the successful applicant’s interest and expertise. Research will include ongoing research collaborations with Biological Sciences faculty at North Dakota State University. There will also be opportunities to work with other plant and insect scientists at this and other locations.

Qualifications: To be eligible, applicants must have received a Ph.D. in entomology, biology or a closely-related field. Ability to summarize research findings (written), experience with plant-insect interactions, pollinator rearing or identification, and molecular or quantitative genetics are desirable.

Support: A stipend of $48,000 per year will be provided through the ORISE program, along with health insurance.

Date / duration: Start date is somewhat flexible. Opening is for 12 months, renewable based on funding and evaluation of performance.

Contact: If you are interested, please contact Jarrad Prasifka at

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60 Days
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Jarrad Prasifka
United States
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