Postdoctoral Fellowship in Molecular Chemical Ecology

Application Deadline: August 31, 2017 
Start date: September 2017-January 2018
Duration: Period of one year from start date, one year extension is negotiable.


Candidates hold a PhD degree in biology, ecology, entomology or related fields and fluently speak and write English; PhD shall preferably have been obtained within the last 4 years (dissertation date August 2013 or later).
Desired skills: insect antennal electrophysiology, insect behavior and chemical analysis.
Experience with antennal electrophysiology is required, preferably with single sensillum recordings (SSR).


We investigate chemical communication between apple, apple-associated microbes, and apple-pest insects.
Main research questions are (i) how different apple pest insects interact with same host fruit (ii) how females and larvae are attracted to host, food and microbe odorants.
A transcriptomic and molecular biology approach is used to inform a traditional chemical ecology approach to understanding how apple pest insects interact with their chemosensory environment.
Response profiles of ecologically-relevant candidate olfactory receptors are screened by single sensillum recordings in Drosophila melanogaster empty neuron system. Behavioral and field trapping assays will be performed with novel and known chemical stimuli.
Training opportunities shall exist for methods in molecular biology, transcriptomics and Drosophila genetics.
Further information by email,, or phone +46-40-415228

Application Materials

Send a letter of motivation, CV and contact information for 3 references before August 31, 2017 by email to:, or by regular mail: William Walker, Box 102, 23053, Alnarp, Sweden.

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60 Days
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Dr. William Walker
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