PostDoctoral Research Associates


Salary: $48,000

Reports to: Dr. Guo-Liang

Comments: Works in close collaboration with other PIs, postdocs and technicians on project, especially Drs. Anna Whitfield (NCSU), Tim Sit (NCSU), Guo-Liang (OSU), Peg Redinbaugh (OSU) and Lucy Stewart (USDA), and their research groups..

Position Description:

Project goals are to: 1) develop and test infectious cDNA clones of maize infecting virus(es) in protoplasts and maize plants; 2) examine biology of leafhopper transmission of maize viruses; 3) mutagenesis to identify gene expression or silencing capacity and gene function; 4) publish results in peer-reviewed journals.

65% Designs and executes rigorous experiments to:

  • Develop and test full-length and replicons derived from viruses for replication and infectivity in maize plants and protoplasts.

  • Examine biology of leafhopper transmission of maize viruses

  • Assay gene and sequence function and identify sequence insertion sites for gene expression and virus-induced gene silence by mutagenesis.

20% Analyzes and interprets project data; summarizes progress for monthly project reports; prepares manuscripts.

15% Collaborates and communicates effectively with supervisor, project PIs and collaborators; works cooperatively with other lab members; contributes to the development, archiving, and maintenance of experimental materials, including preparing solutions and buffers required for personal research; maintains plants and viruses associated with project; maintains thorough records that are compliant with project standards and an orderly workspace, and complies with required safety and operating procedures.


A Ph.D. in Virology, Plant Biology, Plant Pathology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Entomology, or a closely related field and experience in molecular virology research required. Requires successful completion of a criminal background check. Experience and expertise in developing and manipulating infectious plant virus cDNAs, protoplast inoculation, leafhopper or other insect transmission, and microscopy are highly desirable.

Apply: Upload c.v., cover letter, and list of 3 references at Position open until filled; preferred start date Jan. 2019.

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Job Listing Expiration: 
60 Days
Company Name: 
The Ohio State University
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United States
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