President’s Corner: Empowering All Members

Bob Peterson, Ph.D.

Bob Peterson, Ph.D.

January 30, 2019

Because of the extraordinary time in which we are living, each of us has the unprecedented ability not only to think about solutions to problems but also to actually create tangible products that come from our thoughts. Moreover, we can share our solutions and products with billions of people in microseconds. Those people––in turn––can give us feedback and share their own ideas.

But where is ESA's fit in these exciting times? Our strategic principles provide a firm foundation for encouraging a culture that empowers all of our members to generate visionary ideas and innovate for the betterment of entomology and ESA. Therefore, your ESA can and should be a platform for all of us to rethink and reshape entomology.

What do we mean by "empowering all"? Decentralizing leadership is critical if we are to thrive as a discipline and a scientific society. Therefore, we need your leadership regardless of the number of years you’ve been a member, regardless of your job title, and regardless of your terminal degree. We need ALL of you now.

Advocate Entomology!

Robert K. D. Peterson, Ph.D.
President, Entomological Society of America
Professor of Entomology, Montana State University

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