President's Corner: Entomology for All

Alvin Simmons, Ph.D.

Alvin Simmons, Ph.D.

January 8, 2020

Happy New Year, fellow entomologists and all others in the entomological community. As we begin the second decade of the 21st century, let us resolve to work together to enhance our professional society and better serve the people and science of our organization. Let us strive to better improve and conserve our only planet. 

I pause here to repeat part of a comment from my remarks at the close of Entomology 2019: “My vision is to lead our organization into embracing new opportunities as stimulated by fairness and our ever-changing science, while retaining current components that serve us well. Insects and their relatives have adapted well to an ever-changing environment since the beginning of our planet—and have filled every conceivable niche. Analogously, since the beginning of our organization, we have adapted to scientific and societal changes. In the rear-view mirror of history, we see cumulative progress. Yet, we must continually enhance our organization. The foundation of my vision is that we are like a family. Each is unique, with different talents, covering every aspect of entomology, but our efforts coalesce for a common purpose.” 

During my nearly 40 years as a member, I have seen ESA continually strive to better itself. I have seen so many leaders and other volunteers who have been passionate about improving our Society. As a premier professional society that now has over 7,000 members, I am certain that we will continue to strive to be better and we will continue to grow in both domestic and international memberships. Let us eagerly nominate colleagues for honors, recognitions, and offices. In doing so, let us consider inclusiveness of the diverse people and science that make up our membership. Please remember to renew your membership if you have not yet done so, and consider taking a moment to invite a colleague to become a new member. 

Our theme for Entomology 2020 is “Entomology for All.” This concerns the people and science of entomology in a platform of inclusiveness. For example, we have a growing number of international members, and we welcome speakers from other disciplines that facilitate entomology in some capacity. The site of our 2020 meeting in Orlando, Florida, will serve us well for a refreshing, vibrant, and fulfilling meeting. When my “twin brother” Walter Leal and I co-chaired the 2016 International Congress of Entomology in Orlando, we promised you an unforgettable meeting. If you were there, I trust that you found it unforgettable. I now promise that the standalone 2020 ESA meeting will provide participants with a fulfilling nourishment of the world of entomology. The dynamics will be interactive in part because the program and most of the lodgings and social activities will all be under the same roof. Program co-chairs Juang-Horng “JC” Chong and Theresa Pitts-Singer eagerly await to receive your symposia proposals under the theme. Regardless of your link to entomology, you are welcome to join the 2020 ESA excitement in Orlando in a world of “Entomology for All.”

Alvin M. Simmons, Ph.D., FRES
President, Entomological Society of America
Charleston, South Carolina

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