President's Corner: Sorrows and Joys

Alvin Simmons, Ph.D.

Alvin Simmons, Ph.D.

September 2, 2020

Families share in sorrows and suffering as well as in joys and celebrations. I will briefly mention both extremes that touch our entomology family. First, let us consider sorrows and suffering. Large sections of the United States have been smacked by and continue to be battered with calamities. The climate has facilitated fires that impact and ravage forests and residential communities, especially in California. Several states, notably Louisiana, have faced a path of destruction from the wrath of Hurricane Laura. Homes, properties, ecosystems, and lives have been lost or severely disrupted. In the midst of these natural disasters, there continue to be tears for social justice, fairness, and equality. Moreover, we continue to experience challenges in our lives from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of us are more adversely impacted than others. Together, we support our Society because our members are our yesterday, our today, and our tomorrow. Because so many of our lives are disrupted, ESA has extended the deadline for paper and poster submission for our 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting until midnight on September 8. Even after that date, anyone impacted by the hurricane or fires can still contact ESA staff with assistance on submitting to the virtual meeting. This allows some relief in accommodating those impacted who want to participate as presenters in the virtual 2020 annual meeting. It will take time to go forward from our sorrows and suffering; I wish everyone well.

Simultaneously, we also have joys and celebrations. Let us congratulate and celebrate with the award winners, Fellows, Honorary Members, and election winners who were announced in today's eNews. It is noteworthy for our Society that there were numerous (and diverse) nominations for the various awards and offices. This is good because it reflects on the excitement and engagement of our membership. Let us also thank all who were not successful in the election or for awards. Obviously, only a limited number of our members can be selected at any one time. Meanwhile, voting in this year's ESA election has increased. Thank you for your voices. I encourage the entire membership to consider being a candidate or nominee for an award in the future, and to participate by voting. 

In closing, I re-invite all who have not yet done so to consider submitting a paper or poster for the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting. Even if you do not plan to submit a paper, you can still attend this historical event. Registration is now open; I look forward to sharing with you this interactive virtual experience with the theme "Entomology for All." Let's push forward on enhancing our Society.

Take care and keep well.

Alvin M. Simmons, Ph.D., FRES
President, Entomological Society of America
Charleston, South Carolina

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