ESA Launches Military Fellows Category

Annapolis, MD; February 5, 2014 -- Since the 1930s, the Entomological Society of America (ESA) has recognized individuals who have made outstanding contributions to entomology by designating them ESA Fellows. Traditionally, these outstanding contributions have involved research, teaching, extension & outreach, or administration.

However, starting this year the Society will also honor military entomologists with the creation of a new category -- Military Fellows.

“During the course of their 20-30 year careers, military entomologists are required to be jacks of all trades in entomology, dabbling in research, teaching, extension, administration, etc.," said Dr. Marlin Rice, a past president of ESA. "The category of MILITARY will create greater diversity among ESA Fellows and will simultaneously acknowledge military officers' contributions to the science of entomology and their service to our country."

According to the United States Armed Forces Pest Management Board, "Military medical entomology began in 1900 when Major Walter Reed and his colleagues demonstrated the transmission of yellow fever by mosquitoes and were subsequently able to reduce the impact of this disease on the U.S. military. From typhus in World War I, malaria in World War II, to leishmaniasis in Operation Iraqi Freedom, military medical entomologists have been called upon to protect the military mission."

Nominees for ESA Military Fellows should have a documented record of success in clearly raising the profile of military entomology, and their achievements should be consistent with one or more of these characterizations of distinction:

 - Extensive record of visible strategic leadership in military entomology that positively influences force protection standards against arthropods of military and public health significance. This includes demonstrated skills of organizational effectiveness and vision to respond to and deliver entomological support for the requirements of military medicine within the parameters of an ever-changing world situation.

 - Extensive record and documented evidence of influence through positive mentorship of entomologists in science and the profession of public health entomology.

 - Awards and recognition from the nominee’s branch of service, the Department of Defense, professional organizations and/or stakeholder groups that demonstrate a long, sustained commitment to military entomology.

 - Extensive record and documented evidence of effective and sustained support for operational military forces through positive strategic leadership in military and public health entomology. This work will be supported with an extensive record of research and/or training for supporting development and integration of novel technology and the adoption and use of best practices into military mission requirements.

Nominees are not required to be members of the Society. All ESA Fellows receive gratis registration to the ESA Annual Meeting in the year the title is bestowed, at which time they are presented with an inscribed plaque.

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